An Apple TV with integrated sound adds more unknowns to the future of the HomePod

The HomePod has been discontinued for a month. As we continue digesting the news, the stock has not vanished. In all this time, we have received some hopeful rumors about the future of the category. Including one from just a few hours ago, again from Mark Gurman.

When we evaluate the news that has emerged, we still have more unknowns than answers. What will be the future of this category within Apple?

The Ultimate Home Sound Combo: Apple TV and HomePod All in One

Apple is working on a new flagship smart home device, according to Mark Gurman. A kind of Apple TV 6 and HomePod integrated, with a camera spicing up its intelligent qualities. Among its outstanding functions are found to be a device for services of streaming, gaming, listen to music, access Siri, manage home automation and video conferencing.

It certainly sounds like an all-in-one device that brings together the best of both categories, adding communication capabilities as well. Gurman throws quite an interesting detail and that has gone unnoticed. According to the journalist specializing in Apple exclusives, the company has also combined the engineering teams of both the HomePod and the Apple TV.

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In addition, the operating system of both devices is the same, since the HomePod is based on tvOS. Both equipment and software unification occurred in the first half of 2020. Although there are more signs pointing in this direction.

Shortly after announcing the cessation of the HomePod, a humidity and temperature sensor was discovered in the HomePod mini. One of those who nothing had ever been known, since they are not functional. At the same time, traces of iMessage and FaceTime have been discovered in tvOS 14.5, reinforcing a possible multi-function role in the future.

What is clear is that Apple is juggling many balls in the air. We know of the existence of some and not others, but they leave us with few answers and many questions.

The HomePod’s big question: why cancel it now?

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The two devices mentioned by Gurman (where the robotic arm sounds the strangest thing) are in the early stages of development. That can be translated, at a minimum, in 1 or 2 years until they materialize on the market. Assuming they ever see the light of day.

This brings us to a very strange aspect of this whole affair. Which is the cancellation of the original HomePod instead of just keeping it for sale until the launch of the new product. Remember that the large HomePod is Apple’s standard for premium sound In the home. Removing it means leaving that responsibility to the HomePod mini, which it is clear can not hold on its shoulders.

What about my HomePod now?  Questions and answers about the future of this speaker

It should be noted that the only official news in this regard is that the original HomePod will disappear from one moment to another from the catalog. And that there is no substitute on the table. The rest of the leaks, rumors and others are nothing more than houses of cards.

We may learn the true story behind the HomePod at some point. One day, perhaps, when it is no longer relevant to know the exact details.

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