American Vandal Season 3: Will It Return For Another Season?

A Netflix Original mockumentary online television series, ‘American Vandal’ parodies true crime dramas and was developed by Dan Perrault and Tony Yacenda. In 2017, it made its debut on TV screens around the world.

On September 15, 2017, the first season of the show debuted, and it was an immediate success. Netflix renewed the show after receiving widespread critical acclaim. The second season of the show began on September 14, 2018, to widespread acclaim from viewers and reviewers. To the dismay of fans and reviewers alike, Netflix recently announced that it wasn’t going to be renewing the show for a third season. Fortunately, the show is not officially dead despite Netflix’s decision to pull the plug. ‘American Vandal’ is going somewhere, and here’s all we know about it.

American Vandal Season 3 Renewal Status

The investigation of the American vandals is concluded. The Hollywood Reporter states that after two seasons, Netflix has decided to end the true crime parody American Vandal. The plot for season three was apparently still being worked out when the streaming service abruptly canceled the show.

It was assumed that American Vandal season 3 would be just as raunchy and subversive as ever given that the first season revolved around finding the high school student who spray-painted obscene images on 27 parked cars and the second season focused on a mysterious “Turd Burglar” playing a disgusting prank on their peers at a private Catholic high school. Unfortunately, Netflix has no plans to air that story arc.

“American Vandal will not return for a third season,” the streaming service said. We owe a debt of gratitude to the show’s producers, writers, cast, and crew for delivering their groundbreaking comedy to Netflix, as well as to the viewers and reviewers who praised the show for its fresh take on comedy. Netflix has been getting rid of its stock of written shows made by other companies, so this decision makes sense. CBS TV Studios is responsible for producing American Vandal, while ABC Studios is responsible for the cancellation of the shows All About the Washingtons, Iron Fist, and Luke Cage.

Why was it canceled?

The streaming service announced it would not order a third season of American Vandal, a mockumentary, less than a month after the second season premiered. Netflix didn’t say why the show was canceled, although many believe it’s because CBS Television Studios, not Netflix, was responsible for production. The platform’s emphasis on original content production in recent years reflects an effort to retain ownership of its shows and maximize revenue.

There was some discussion of selling American Vandal with other networks, but so far, no deals have been struck. Fortunately, Tony Yacenda and Dan Perrault, the minds behind American Vandal, are working on a new program for Paramount+ that will fill the mockumentary need in viewers’ hearts. With their new series, Players, Yacenda and Perrault will mock eSports in the same way they mocked true crime documentaries.

American Vandal Plotline

With 27 staff vehicles destroyed with phallic genital photos and doodles, American Vandal is a true crime satire series that will appeal to fans of crime and intrigue. Peter Maldanaldo, an ambitious sophomore, investigates a case that is just as bizarre and hilarious as it sounds. American Vandal is a film that never fails to make its audience laugh or cry. One of the most fun shows currently accessible on Netflix Even when they’re looking into things that verge on the ridiculous, they never lose sight of the humor in it.

Even if you’re not a fan of true crime shows in general, you should watch this one. Be wary, as I have found that many high school kids I have taught had similar rude and nasty personalities as these students. Slang referring to penises, liquor, sensuality, and language are all prevalent. It’s funny, but you should realize that it’s also a little disrespectful.

American Vandal Cast and characters

  • Tyler Alvarez as Peter Maldonado, the co-anchor of Hanover High School’s morning show and the writer and director of true-crime documentary series American Vandal.
  • Griffin Gluck as Sam Ecklund, a co-producer of American Vandal and Peter’s closest friend.
  • Jimmy Tatro as Dylan Maxwell, the primary suspect of the prank at Hanover High School.
  • Joe Farrell as Jared Hixenbaugh
  • Jessica Juarez as Brianna “Ganj” Gagne
  • G. Hannelius as Christa Carlyle
  • Camille Hyde as Gabi Granger
  • Camille Ramsey as Mackenzie Wagner
  • Eduardo Franco as Spencer Diaz
  • Lukas Gage as Brandon Galloway
  • Lou Wilson as Lucas Wiley
  • Calum Worthy as Alex Trimboli
  • Cody Wai-Ho Lee as Ming Zhang
  • Saxon Sharbino as Sara Pearson
  • Travis Tope as Kevin McClain
  • Melvin Gregg as DeMarcus Tillman
  • Taylor Dearden as Chloe Lyman
  • DeRon Horton as Lou Carter
  • Adam Ray as Officer Crowder
  • Sarah Burns as Ms. Angela Montgomery
  • Jay Lee as Tanner Bassett
  • Bellina Logan as Detective Carla Dickey
  • Barbara Deering as Ms. Cathy Wexler
  • Miles J. Harvey as Paul Schnorrenberg
  • Jeremy Culhane as Grayson Wentz
  • La’Charles Trask as Perry Coleman

American Vandal Season 3 Storyline

The events of American Vandal Season 2 are wrapped up neatly. The true identity of Tud Burglar is revealed and he is brought to justice at the end of the story. All the survivors can now live their lives with a sense of peace and contentment, but they will always have to deal with the trauma they suffered. Further evidence suggested that Ted Burglar wasn’t the high school dropout at the center of the poop proceedings.

The third season of the show has been ordered by Netflix. Since there are so few specifics about American Vandal’s upcoming third season, we can only speculate about the plot. However, the next season will likely continue the tale from where the last one left off.

American Vandal Season 3 Release Date

The second season of “American Vandal” debuted on September 14, 2018. The news that Netflix wouldn’t renew the show for a third season on October 26, 2018, stunned viewers given the show’s popularity and positive reviews. Exactly why, therefore, did Netflix pull the plug? At this point, we can only speculate.

We speculate that the show’s discontinuation was due in part to the show’s tone change. Season 2 veered from the comedic or tragic trajectory of the first season, which followed believable adolescent people as they navigated the modern social and technological landscape. Season 2 was brilliant, although it didn’t have as much humor as the first season and instead dived deep into modern internet culture, social media practices, and online relationships. It’s possible that Netflix had issues with the show’s drastic change in tone (for reasons we don’t know). There is, however, no doubt that Netflix will not be renewing ‘American Vandal’.

Nonetheless, the show is not necessarily dead despite Netflix’s decision to terminate it. The Hollywood Reporter states that other networks have been in contact with ‘American Vandal’ creators CBS TV about picking up the show for a third season. In addition, Season 3’s storyline has apparently already been planned out by the creators. Season 3 of “American Vandal,” assuming the show gets taken up by CBS, will likely premiere in 2023 or 2024.

American Vandal Rating

This mockumentary series has only been shown for two seasons, but the few viewers who have caught it so far have liked it. Ratings suggest the show was successfully entertaining its target audience, but its limited viewership ultimately forced the producers to end production. Fans have already done a good job of justifying American Vandal’s current scores of 8.1 on IMDb and 87% on Rotten Tomatoes.

Where to watch American Vandal Season 3?

Seasons 1-3 are already accessible on Netflix, so it only makes sense that Season 3 would premiere there as well.

Is the show worth watching?

This series has been praised by critics and fans alike, so it may come as a surprise to hear that you may not enjoy it. Not everyone will appreciate the irony and sleaziness of American Vandal, a criminal comedy. Giving exceptional content to a selective audience is reflected in the series’ devoted fan following but lackluster financial success. If you’re looking for a show with a similar tone, American Vandal is a great choice.

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