American Rust Season 2: Renewal Status, Release Date, Cast, And More

Crime dramas are a fan favorite, but not all of them focus on solving the crime or even identifying the perpetrator; some portray the criminal experiencing remorse for his or her actions. American Rust, developed by Dan Futterman and premiered on Showtime on September 12, 2021, is a crime drama set in contemporary America. Philipp Meyer’s book of the same name, published in 2009, serves as inspiration for this film. The first season of the show consisted of nine episodes, each of which aired for around an hour.

The show centers on police chief Del Harris and his investigation into the death of a man by Billy Poe and Isaac English, who claim they were acting in self-defense. The inquiry in American Rust takes place in the made-up Pennsylvania town of Buell. If you like crime dramas, you will find this series to be very fascinating and compelling. A total of 7.9K IMDB users have given the series a rating of 7.2/10. The slower pace of the early episodes makes the show’s progression in subsequent episodes all the more intriguing. If you’ve finished the first season and are eagerly awaiting news about Season 2, then this post is for you.

American Rust Season 2 Renewal Status

It’s official, you say? Despite Showtime canceling American Rust in early January 2022, the show will return for a second season. Instead of canceling the show after only one season, streaming giant Amazon Freevee has decided to renew and continue the plot in a second season.

“We can’t wait to bring the next exciting chapter of American Rust to our audience for free. Welcome to the Freevee family!” reads a tweet from Amazon Freevee’s official account, which helped spread the news. Thank you for joining the Freevee clan!

American Rust Season 1 Finale Explained

Isaac, Billy’s buddy and the guy who murdered Novick while trying to defend Billy, runs away from home in the hopes of making it to California and starting school as he had always intended but instead returns as Harris struggles to strike a balance between his personal and professional life. Lee (Julia Mayorga), Isaac’s sister, comes to Buell after he leaves to take care of their ailing father.

Her marriage crumbles as her husband learns that she has been seeing Billy, her high school sweetheart since she moved back to town. Grace tries to organize her colleagues at Gelsey Dressmakers into a union, but they vote against it out of fear of the unknown. Grace realizes that she can no longer live by the book. Buell’s young sports star overdosed, and in the season finale, “Denmark,” Bobby Jesus murders one of his dealers to cut ties with the smuggler who was arrested as a result. The Aryans of the public will soon face Billy, he is told. He later keeps his promise by instructing one of the guards to report to Lee any suspicious activity.

American Rust Season 2 Cast


  • Jeff Daniels as Chief Del Harris
  • Maura Tierney as Grace Poe
  • David Alvarez as Isaac English
  • Bill Camp as Henry English
  • Julia Mayorga as Lee English
  • Alex Neustaedter as Billy Poe
  • Mark Pellegrino as Virgil Poe
  • Rob Yang as Deputy Steve Park


  • Dallas Roberts as Jackson Berg
  • Clea Lewis as Jillian
  • Nicole Chanel Williams as JoJo
  • Federico Rodriguez as Alejandro

American Rust Season 2 Plot Predictions

Season two of American Rust continues the tale from police chief Del Harris’s perspective in a small town in southwest Pennsylvania located in the Rust Belt. Harris is tempted to make a choice on what he will do to protect the supposed killer son of the lady he loves.

The next season is expected to continue directly from the season one conclusion. It’s difficult to predict the second season’s narrative in its entirety at this point, but it’s been assumed that it will pick up any cliffhangers or side stories and bring them full circle, giving viewers a break from the show’s established themes.

American Rust Season 2 Release Date

As of June 22, 2022, Amazon Freeview has not yet announced when the second season of American Rust would be available to stream. However, numerous sources claim that manufacturing will start later this year. Since the network made the renewal announcement on time, the fans may rest confident that the next season will be published on schedule or even sooner than expected.

We estimate that the release date will be somewhere in the second half of 2023. If the previous season’s release schedule is any indication, the next season will likely premiere in the autumn of 2023, around September.

Where can I stream American Rust Season 2?

As an Amazon Freeview original series, Season 2 of American Rust will premiere exclusively on the service when it becomes available for streaming. In addition, depending on their area and preferred membership plan, viewers may opt to either rent or buy Season 1 of American Rust through streaming on Amazon Instant Video or Vudu. Showtime and fuboTV both offer the series for streaming.

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