A rumor claims that Apple Glass is being delayed and we wouldn’t see it in 2022

At the beginning of the year DigiTimes informed us that the development of Apple Glass would allow the company to go into production during the first quarter of 2022. Now, according to other sources, these dates could be too optimistic, while Apple continues with the development of the rumored glasses.

Glasses, helmet, what are we talking about?

Before continuing to the information that concerns us, we should remember that Apple Glass are, as far as we know so far, two products. We initially thought that Apple would present glasses and later a helmet augmented / virtual reality. Now we think that the launch plan has been reversed and we will see the helmet first.

The point is that with the mix of dates and products, the information that comes to us about what we collect and label as Apple Glass can be intermixed. With the data perspective added, DigiTimes notes that while Apple appeared poised to enter the second phase of development, which would allow for the start of mass production in early 2022, prototypes still do not enter this second phase.

Sources noted that after P2, the prototype of the augmented reality glasses still has to go through P3 testing, followed by another 2 or 3 phases of engineering testing before it has a chance to enter series production.

The supply chain originally estimated that Apple’s wearable could begin serial production as early as the first quarter of 2022, the sources said. But as P2 testing has yet to begin, the possibility of it being serialized in the first quarter of 2022 seems unlikely, the sources added.

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In fact Mark Gurman placed the arrival of these glasses within “several years”, we understand, therefore, from 2023. The truth is that we know little about Apple’s plans with this launch, but everything seems to indicate that the company de Cupertino continues with its development and that the most recent leaks correct a wave of enthusiasm from previous leaks that advanced predictions perhaps excessively.

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