A.I.C.O. Incarnation Season 2: Release Date, Cast, and Everything You Need to Know

The Japanese manga series “AICO Incarnation” delves into the subgenre of science fiction. Bones Studio is responsible for producing the program, which had its global debut on March 9, 2018. Both viewers and reviewers praised the program, which led to Netflix acquiring the rights to air it.

The program has become even more popular since it became part of Netflix’s extensive library, and it is said to be similar to an old-school thriller. There are twelve episodes in the first season, and they cover all the bases. It has a fantastic ensemble cast and is full of surprises and action.

The fact that it is straightforward but still manages to entertain is the main reason this program has lately distinguished itself from many others. Since the program was so popular, viewers were understandably curious about its future and what was going to occur in season two. Stop searching; we’ve compiled all the information you’ll ever need.

A.I.C.O. Incarnation Season 2 Release Date

On March 9, 2018, Netflix launched the first season of AICO Incarnation as an ONA. Neither a light novel nor a manga was the source of narrative ideas; it was original. Therefore, without any source material to rely on, the show’s creators may not have too much trouble coming up with a new season.

Being a Netflix original also makes the anime’s cancellation after the first season seems unlikely. The reason for this is the substantial investment made by Netflix in its agreements with prominent anime producers. This bodes well for the future of most original anime, since fresh seasons will be added at some point.

A.I.C.O. Incarnation Story

The story takes place in the future, when the “Burst” occurs as a result of a massive failure in artificial life research. As a result, artificial intelligence-based “Matter” appears and completely destroys the Kurobe Gorge’s surface. The authorities are so concerned about the disease’s potential to spread that they decided to quarantine the whole region.

The full extent of the incident’s effect on 15-year-old Aiko Tachibana, who lost both of her parents in the “Burst,” becomes apparent two years after it happened. A remarkable physical trait of Yuuya Kanazaki, a transfer student who seems to have ties to the “Burst” site, is revealed.

They decide to go to the core of the “Burst” with three expert divers in search of further answers. Their lives will be irrevocably altered by the cryptic riddles that await them.

A.I.C.O. Incarnation Characters

  • Aiko Tachibana

An upbeat, active young woman. She suffered fatal wounds after losing her family in the burst and had her brain transplanted into a prosthetic body.

  • Yuya Kanzaki

Another main character in the story is a new student at Aiko’s school who is distant and reserved. After joining the Divers on their journey to Primary Point, he informs Aiko of the truth of her reconstruction.

  • Daisuke Shinoyama

Partner of Shiraishi and head of the divers. His pleasant demeanor belies his fierce and menacing exterior.

  • Maho Shiraishi

Who is also Shinoyama’s companion and one of the divers? She is calm, collected, and helpful in every way; she helps Shinoyama and the crew with everything from operating and maintaining the vehicles to arranging for food supplies.

  • Yoshihiko Sagami

An associate of Kazuki’s and a member of the Divers. He has exceptional fighting skills, having served in a military special forces squad.

  • Kazuki Minase

He is Sagami’s companion and one of the divers. His passion and energy more than compensate for his inexperience as a diver, yet he is still a novice.

  • Haruka Seri

The partner of Kaede and one of the divers is serene, stunning, and bright.

  • Kaede Misawa

A member of the diving team and Haruka’s sidekick. Having a natural affinity for animals and extraordinary physical ability.

A.I.C.O. Incarnation Review

The animation in A.I.C.IO. is also rather stunning. From the human models to the backgrounds to the throbbing crimson burst itself, every aspect of the meticulously designed scenes exudes an air of refinement and delicacy. The smoke CGI is done pretty well; it complements the hand-drawn artwork and isn’t too heavy-handed to distract from the artistry.

The likeability of the characters is crucial to the success of any plot, and fortunately, A.I.C.O. succeeds in creating real empathy for Aiko and the others in her life. While Kanzaki comes out as your stereotypical black-haired warrior, he really has some interesting personality quirks that help him stand out.

Not to mention that although there is English dubbing for this one, the Japanese dubbing is top-notch and brings each character’s feelings to life. Even though the dub makes the program more enjoyable, the English is quite bad and takes away from what is generally a good animation.

Where to watch A.I.C.O. Incarnation?

Season 1 of AICO Incarnation was streamable on Netflix, and the second season will also be accessible there. Season 2 of AICO Incarnation will also be available on the same platform after its release.

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