“9-1-1” Finale: Oliver Stark Reveals Abby and Buck’s Connection!!

Fans are somewhat down as season 3 of the American procedural television series “9-1-1” came to an end on 11 May 2020. But the showrunners did not forget to add the heartbreaking reunion among people’s favorite Buck (Oliver Stark) and Abby (Connie Britton). The season finale of the series was successful enough to leave viewers with happiness, excitement, and craving for more.

Closing The Door Of Buck and Abby’s Relationship

As you have seen in the last episode, Buck did not think of the risk to his life when he saves Abby’s fiance. Risking his life for another victim that Rumer Willis did play perfectly was just another brave action of Buck. Apparently, he was successful in saving them both without any harm to himself. When the duo met, Abby did apologize to Buck for finding out that she is engaged in that way.

Their meeting did allow Buck to think that there can surely be a possibility of getting back together. Oliver Stark surely did open up about the season finale and what thrilling and interesting things are going to happen next to the US Weekly.

Oliver Stark did reply it positively when he was asked if it was the actual end of Buck and Abby. He did mention that it was indeed the closing door for the duo. Oliver Stark mentions that it was necessary to end what was there between both of them. Even though Buck was not thinking consciously about Abby but she was constantly in the back of Buck’s mind.

Now, Buck will have to move forward with the story to experience some new excitement in the next season. So it means that the relationship between Buck and Abby is going to end soon. But we still don’t have the clue if they are going to appear in the next renewal of the series.

Fans are expecting the duo’s relationship to move forward in the next season of the “9-1-1”. The next season is going to be more amazing and exciting than the previous seasons.

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