53 commands to take advantage of Siri from any Apple device

Siri is on its way to turning 10 this fall, following its debut with the iPhone 4s. In all this time he has learned to do quite a few things that allow us to carry out many actions on our devices. Let’s take a look at 53 commands to take advantage of Siri from any Apple device.

How to take advantage of Siri with these commands

Information about weather, news and time

Iphone Siri

Keeping up to date with what is happening around you is very simple. Use these commands to find out the weather Now or in a few days, in your city or in another, what are the latest football news and results:

  • Hey siriWhat’s the weather like ?: it will tell you the temperature and the weather in your city.
  • Hey siri, what is the weather in [ciudad]: it will tell you the temperature and the weather in the city you want.
  • Hey siri, it’s going to rain this weekend: it will tell you the temperature and the weather in your city for the weekend.
  • Hey siri, what is the weather in [país]: it will tell you the temperature and the weather in the capital of the country you decide.
  • Hey siri, What is the temperature at home: it will tell you the temperature in your house as long as you have a HomeKit sensor connected.

  • Hey siriPut the latest news: it will give you the most recent news, from Onda Cero or Cadena SER.
  • Hey siri, how has the [equipo de fútbol]: it will respond with the result of the last game played.
  • Hey siri, when does he play [equipo de fútbol]: the assistant will give you the next appointment of the chosen team.
  • Hey siri, good afternoon: he will return your greeting and tell you what time it is.
  • Hey siriWhat time is it ?: a very simple command to know the time if you do not have access to a clock. Add the location to be specified.

Set alarms, events and reminders


As we do not always have the iPhone at hand, we can use Siri to set alarms, reminders and new calendar events using certain commands. With these commands you can do it without touching any device:

  • Hey siri, set an alarm: Siri will ask you for what time and will set it.
  • Hey siri, set an alarm for [hora]: the wizard will set the alarm for you.
  • Hey siriwake me up tomorrow at [hora]: Siri will set an alarm for that time.
  • Hey siri, what alarms do I have: it will list all the alarms you have.
  • Hey siri, clear all my alarms – an easy way to clear them all.
  • Hey siri, put the countdown [tiempo]: you will quickly have a running countdown.
  • Hey siri, remind me at 10 in the morning to call the pediatrician: you will see how the new reminder is added.
  • Hey siri, what reminders I have: you will see all the ones you have active.
  • Hey siri, delete all the reminders: it will clean all of them, completed or not, for which it will ask you for confirmation.
  • Hey siri, Add [evento] in my calendar: Siri will ask you the day and time before putting it.

Music and audio requests


Music is one of the areas that Apple has placed the most emphasis on with Siri. You can give many commands to Siri, which are easier to give if you have them in your head:

  • Hey siri, Mon. [álbum] from [artista]: The first song of the album will start playing.
  • Hey siri, put music on Spotify: from iOS 14.5 you can request this service as the default to listen to music.
  • Hey siri, put some [género musical]: Music from this category will be played.
  • Hey siriPut on music that I like: it will create a station adapted to your tastes.
  • Hey siri, put my list [nombre de la lista]: The songs in that list will be played.
  • Hey siri, next or previous: to skip or rewind songs.
  • Hey siri, I don’t like this song: Siri will remember your taste and skip this song.
  • Hey siri, put the podcast [nombre del podcast]: will play next.
  • Hey siri, increase or decrease the volume: it will modify it one point.
  • Hey siri, set the volume to 35%: it will bring it to that level.
  • Hey siri, stop or resume playback: it will execute the corresponding command.

Messages and communications


One of the strengths of the Apple assistant is the commands to send messages, make phone calls and FaceTime. For several years, Siri can send messages even on WhatsApp:

  • Hey siri, send a message to Fulanito: he will begin the elaboration of the message, which he will send to this contact.
  • Hey siri, send a message to Fulanito, [decir el mensaje sin esperar]: will send the message with that text to the specified contact.
Send Message

  • Hey siri, Call to [nombre del contacto]: will make the corresponding order.
  • Hey siri, Call to [relación familiar]: Siri can do actions with those relatives that you have specified in your contacts: parents, siblings, spouses, children, etc.
  • Hey siri, make a FaceTime with [contacto]: will establish the call with that person.

General questions

otro HomePod

Of course, Siri also responds to questions and general information. There are tons of combinations you can try, we propose some for you to take note of:

  • Hey siri, what does taciturn mean: it will give you the first definition of this word.
  • Hey siriHow long is the Nile? Geographical data is pretty good at it.
  • Hey siri, how far is it to Valencia: it will activate a Map tab with this information from which you can start a route.
  • Hey siri, how much are 176 rupees in euros: currency conversions is one of its strengths.
  • Hey siri, what is the 854 divided by 14: mathematical operations are very fast to do.

  • Hey siri, how many days are left until the beginning of autumn: you can also calculate this type of operations.
  • Hey siriHow to say good morning in French: Siri also translates phrases into other languages ​​for you.
  • Hey siri, when was Miguel Delibes born: information on famous people is easy to obtain.
  • Hey siriHow old is Christian Bale: another way to ask him information about a famous person.
  • Hey siri, Play the sound of the forest: Since last year, you can play ambient sounds.

Funny Siri Command Examples

Apple TV

In addition to responding with information, running functions, and playing music, Siri is also able to respond in a funny way to our words. You can try asking the following phrases to the Apple assistant:

  • Hey siri, what are you wearing: to which he will answer that in the cloud, nobody knows what you are wearing.
  • Hey siri, how much is zero between zero: it will tell you a most bizarre story, with cookies and friends in between.
Toc Toc

  • Hey siri, what is your favorite animal: I did not know that the Fablistanón was real.
  • Hey siri, what does Siri mean: it looks like she got her name when she showed up for the job interview.

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  • Hey siri, what is the meaning of life: here you can get a little philosophical.
  • Hey siri, toc toc: You don’t seem to like these kinds of games.
  • Hey siriTell me a tongue twister: short but difficult to repeat.

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