Apple Introduces “New Beginnings” An Ad Dedicated to New College Students

Apple has launched another advertising campaign around the Mac. With the title “New Beginnings”, new beginnings, the short shows us the reactions of the students after learning that they have been admitted to the university. A video of the series Behind the Mac who wants to value the life that is carried out sitting in front of our computers.

New beginnings, behind the Mac

On quite an emotional video reminding us of the boats that we ourselves may have given to good news, Apple reviews the reaction of several students when asking if they have been admitted to the university of their choice. A moment of joy that also shows how much we rely on technology today for almost any management.

The Serie Behind the Mac He has already offered us the most interesting advertisements always in black and white and focusing, as on this occasion, on the emotional part of the situation a lot beyond the fact that it occurs behind a Mac computer.

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The truth is that, as this series of announcements has shown us, many things happen after a Mac. Apple tends to focus much more on the experience, on what we feel when using the technology, than on the device itself. An essential vision for infusing technology with humanity.


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