5 Tips for Playing a Slot Machine Online

5 Tips for Playing a Slot Machine Online

Slot machines are the most popular kind of casino game and are very lucrative for both land-based and online casinos. They can also be money-spinners for the players, which is one reason why so many like them.

Another is the fact that they are easier to understand and play than blackjack, poker, baccarat and other casino game choices. The simple rules of slot games mean that people can get into playing them as soon as they join a casino.

All of these factors have put the slots on top. Rainbow Riches Casino and similar sites have hundreds, all with different fun themes, so anyone can find a slot machine online that interests them.

However, although they are comparatively straightforward to play, there are some things that a new player should know about online slots first. Read on to find out what these are.

Look for a theme that you like

You do not have to play the very first online slot machine that you come across. It is much better to do a bit of browsing at your chosen casino site to locate one with a theme that you find appealing.

There are two purposes to playing slot machines: winning money and having fun. The theme will be key to the second of those so why settle for one that does not float your boat.

There are literally thousands of online slots based on everything from movies to music and sports. Plus exciting new titles are always being released, so do not rush in.

Find out what the RTP is

Every online slot game has a return-to-player (RTP) and it reveals the payout percentages that players get back over time when playing the slot. These percentages are calculated using previous bets, so they are reliable.

The minimum RTP that you should be prepared to accept when playing a slot game is 96%. Anything below that and the game is simply not worth your time or money, because the chances of winning enough payouts to even cancel out your bets are too low.

RTP information for slot games is usually found at review websites. It is research that can be done very quickly and that will improve your experience of the game when you start playing.

Choose the best game for your budget

As with any form of casino gaming, it is wise to set a budget that you can afford to spend before you start playing a slot machine. They are much cheaper to bet on than games like poker, but sticking to a budget is always the best move.

The size of your budget should also influence the choice of slot machine. For example, if you have quite a small gaming bankroll, the smart slots tip would be to pick a low volatility game.

These deliver smaller sized wins, but on a more regular basis. That will give you a far better chance of winning before your money runs out.

If you have more disposable cash to spend on your play, a high volatility slot might be better for you. They produce much larger payouts less frequently, but that will not be a problem as there is less danger of blowing your bankroll.

Look for free spins

Many online casinos offer players who have just signed up the chance to spin a slot machine for free. In some cases, you are able to take advantage of those free spins without even having to deposit any money in your casino account.

If you are playing a low volatility slot with a strong RTP, those free spins will almost guarantee you the chance to win some money without having to spend anything. That will give you the fun of the slot game and the winning side of it at no cost to you whatsoever.

Pick a reliable casino site

The demand for online slot machines – and online casino gaming in general – means that there are innumerable casino sites on the internet. The way you will know if you have a safe and reputable one is by checking that it has been fully certified by the appropriate casino regulators.

Taking a look at the payments page to see what options for making and receiving safe and secure transactions a site offers is another way. The good, reputable sites like Rainbow Riches Casino will have several of these and will utilise the latest encryption software to guarantee the safety of your data.

Making time to research this before signing up is our final piece of advice. It will ensure that you receive any money you win promptly and that all personal and financial information stays secure, which is important to enjoying your slot machine experience.

Follow these five tips for a top slot experience.

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