16-Inch MacBook Will Come Soon to Replace 15-Inch MacBook Pro

16-Inch MacBook Will Come Soon to Replace 15-Inch MacBook Pro

Resources says Apple will discontinue the 15-Inch MacBook Pro from next year. So, 15 Inch MacBook Pro then you like is last MacBook pro that you have. It will be replaced with 16 Inch MacBook. Apple is yet to confirm.

16 inch Macbook
16-inch MacBook

IHS Markit recently published the report, where IHS is reported about the replacement and discontinuation of Apple product. Jeff Lin is the Associate Director of the IHS, and he is explained in his report. Where he has published the confirmed news about the Apple Macbook Pro replacement, and it will be going with 16-inch MacBook.

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Previously, Jin reported in the IHS Markit that Apple 16-Inch MacBook Pro would launch on September 2019. But there is some confusion about the release of the MacBook Pro. In Septemeber, it will be going into the production. And Release date will be on next year spring. So Apple will produce the Apple MacBook Pro in the dedicated time.

Expected Specs of 16-Inch MacBook Pro

The processor of the new 16-inch MacBook Pro is Intel Coffee Lake-H Refresh, and This processor is used in the 15-Inch MacBook Pro. The screen will come with the Bezels, and Display Resolution of the Screen is 3,072 X 1,920. And, It might be possible that Apple will continue with the Scissor Switch Keyboard.

Apple Keyboards Chart
Apple Keyboards Chart

Apple Might give the release date of MacBook Pro in Spring 2020 Because they don’t want to conflict the release with the September span. 2020 Septemeber will be a focus on the iPhone due to a sales slowdown. So Apple will give enough time to groom the Apple MacBook Pro. Recently, In May 2019, MacBook Pro Models are Upgraded with the 9th Generation Intel Processors.

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To Focus on 16-inch MacBook Pro, Apple will stop the Production of 15-Inch MacBook Pro in November 2019. So, From then, Apple has to focus on the Inventory and back up stock of the 15-Inch MacBook Pro.

Tim Cook Will clears the launch date, and he will launch MacBook in the Vacation Time. If it is not done in vacation time, then it will break the tradition of the Holiday Release.

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