1000-Lb Best Friends Season 3: Release Date, Cast, And More Updates

After the conclusion of Season 2 on March 8, 2023, viewers of the TLC series 1000-lb Best Friends are left wondering whether and when the show will return for a third season. Ashely Sutton had weight-loss surgery, Tina Arnold changed her mind at the last minute, Vannessa Cross had a consultation for skin removal surgery, and Meghan Crumpler got married in the final episode.

The best friends’ experiences have only just begun, but will they continue to be documented? Let’s go a little further to find out if 1000-lb Best Friends will return for a third season.

1000-Lb Best Friends Season 3 Renewal Status

Many people are wondering what will happen to 1000-Lb Best Friends Season 3 now that it has become such a popular show. The amazing link shared by their human owners and their beloved giant pets is the focus of this touching series. There has been a lot of guesswork about whether or not Season 3 of 1000 Pounds Best Friends will be picked up by the network.

Professionals should wait for an official statement before drawing any conclusions. Fans of the show can take comfort in the knowledge that they will be updated as soon as any news becomes available.

1000-Lb Best Friends Season 3 Release Date

1000-lb. Season 3: There is no set date for the premiere of Best Friends at this time. There has been no official word from TLC on whether or not Season 2 will happen. Remember that renewals for television shows typically come a few months after the season finale airs, which in this case will be on April 14, 2023.

The network’s response is eagerly awaited. The news should arrive soon, though, given the success of the first two seasons and the dedicated fan base.

About 1000-Lb Best Friends

1000-lb Best Friends is a group of women who have shed over a thousand pounds between them in less than two years. Tammy Slaton and her sister Amy Slaton’s “1000-Lb. Sisters” is TLC’s most-watched show of all time, and the network has aired many documentaries and reality shows about severe weight loss. The show’s success prompted the network to produce a spinoff called “1000-Lb Best Friends,” which chronicles the struggles and triumphs of Vannessa, Meghan, Tina, and Ashely as they attempt to lose weight.

Each character’s first season had a turning point in the plot arc. Meghan had bariatric surgery but still wasn’t losing weight quickly enough. Despite her disappointment, Vannessa was determined to continue working with her nutritionist and therapist to reach her weight loss goals. Ashley considered undergoing a second bariatric surgery to help with her weight loss, and Tina struggled to live up to her responsibilities as a mother because of her weight.

After the popularity of the first season, a second season premiered in January 2023. In the new season, the ladies continue their individual and collective journeys for better health, happier relationships, and other goals. The group of four has even taken a well-deserved holiday to sunny Las Vegas and the Sunshine State of Florida.

1000-lb Best Friends is not just a successful television series, but also a motivating resource for overweight women. On their official Facebook page and Instagram account, the cast members regularly post motivational life stories from other people. They share advice on how they were able to reach their fitness and weight loss objectives by making smart lifestyle choices.

1000-Lb Best Friends Season 3 Cast

Atlanta native and Spelman College alumna Ashley Sutton (age 37) lives in the Peach State. She has battled her weight for over three decades, even after having gastric sleeve surgery. Ashley routinely posts photos of her healthy meals on Instagram, but nothing is known about her professional experience.

Meghan was adopted as a baby and raised by a US Army Guard veteran of 12 years in Stockbridge, Georgia. At the moment, Meghan is working as a seller of handmade goods on Etsy. She’s been with Jon for nine years now.

Vannessa Cross has two sisters and grew up in the Stockbridge area, where she graduated from high school. Vannessa admitted during treatment that she had worked as a sex worker in the past, however, she did not elaborate on her current profession.

1000-Lb Best Friends Season 3 Trailer

As of yet, there has been no teaser for season 3 of 1000-lb Best Friends. After the network officially renews the show, we anticipate the release of the first teaser. Seasons 1 and 2 of the show are currently available on TLC.

1000-Lb Best Friends Season 3 Episodes

Season 3 will likely feature the same number of episodes as previous seasons (between 8 and 10). Each episode will focus on one of the four main characters as they make strides toward improved physical and mental health. Each episode will provide helpful tips, touching anecdotes, and motivating tales to encourage viewers to get in shape and lead better lives.


Because of its universal themes, the show has garnered viewers from all around the world. The show’s uplifting message of self-reflection and self-care has been received warmly by viewers all around the world. However, questions have been made concerning the accuracy of the show’s depiction of the positive effect of weight loss on viewers’ confidence.

Some viewers have voiced doubts that the show gives sufficient attention to the risks and psychological ramifications of trying to lose weight. In response, several of the show’s creators and actors have spoken out in defense of the positive message the show conveys.

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