Yu degli Ghosts: 5 secrets you may not know about the protagonist Yusuke Hurameshi

Well before the arrival of Jujutsu Kaisen, he thought about exploring the darker and darker side of the shonen Yu Yu Hakusho, here known by us as Yu of the Specters. In addition to the similarities on the basic theme, protagonist Yusuke Hurameshi also shares some similarities with Yuji Itadori. Here are some of its secrets.

Just like the protagonist of the work of Gege Akutami, who probably could have been inspired by Yu Yu Hakusho for the creation of his work, also Yusuke is a raw talent, a young boy with impressive physical abilities even before he gained his demonic powers.

The fourteen-year-old Yusuke, in fact, owns an impressive strength and at the beginning of the work we see him challenge and eliminate entire gangs of criminals completely on his own. In his first official mission as a spirit world detective, we see Yusuke lift a fallen tree and use it as a weapon against the demon Gouki. This proves that he is insanely strong even before starting his training with Genkai.

In addition to the apparent superhuman strength, the resistance of Yusuke it is astounding. Even when his companions are exhausted, he is able to continue any battle. For example, in the work we see him running incessantly for five days in a row to be able to help his friends in the fight against the Demon King, or fight for over 60 hours with Yomi in the Demon World Tournament. Extraordinary resistance even by demonic standards.

Despite the appearance, Yusuke possesses a sharp mind and is able to sense when a person presents itself to him as a threat or as a friend. The protagonist always keeps his guard up, but when he recognizes that there is no danger, he becomes relaxed and nonchalant.

Much of his skills come from the fact that the demon Raizen is his ancestral father. Back then when humans and demons lived together, Raizen was caught in a fight and wounded; it was a human woman who saved him. Despite his initial desire to eat her, he eventually fell in love with her giving birth to a child, namely Yusuke.

Therefore, by inheriting the lineage and demonic blood of his father, Yusuke is able to use both Spirit and Demonic Energy at will. Furthermore, by exploiting this energy, he is able to enter the Mazoku state.

YuYu Hakusho’s manga ended badly due to a selfish request from Togashi. Netflix and Toho Studios will produce a live action series of Yu of the Specters.

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