Yasuke Season 2: Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything We Know Far

LeSean Thomas (‘Cannon Busters,’ ‘Yasuke’) created this show that takes place in a Sengoku-era Japan where magic, mutants, and mecha A.I. are real. The protagonist is based on a real-life hero who went from being a slave to serving as a samurai and a retainer for Daimyo Oda Nobunaga, a powerful and prominent warlord in Japan.

What sets ‘Yasuke’ different from the others is that it tells a unique and historically grounded narrative set after Yasuke has been erased from history. If you have finished season 1 of ‘Yasuke’ and are eagerly awaiting the release of season 2, we have some information for you.

Yasuke Season 2 Renewal Status

It’s possible that the anime hasn’t been renewed for a second season just yet, but given the show’s popularity on the service, that day isn’t too far off. In several countries, the series reached the top ten. Unless it was intended as a limited series, most successful anime on the platform will be renewed for a second season. Compared to live-action films, animation takes far less time to create.

Flying Lotus, the show’s composer and executive producer, has also dropped hints regarding Yasuke’s future, saying: Our goal was to give you a taste of this universe in six episodes so that you’d be excited to see what comes next. Our goals for Yasuke are lofty. That’s not even the first step. LeSean Thomas, who serves as both the show’s director and producer, has shared the same opinion regarding Season 2.

Yasuke Season 2 Release Date

Even while Netflix hasn’t confirmed a second season of the anime series, it’s likely happening, what with the April 29 release of the first season’s whole. The show’s high ratings and generally good reviews from fans and reviewers, however, are promising indicators that it may be renewed.

In a chat with Comicbook.com, the anime’s creator, LeSean Thomas, hinted at future episodes by expressing his gratitude for the positive reception from fans. There may be a second season ordered, despite the fact that nothing formal has been spoken about it. Even if it gets the go-ahead, supporters shouldn’t hold their breath until late 2024.

Yasuke Story

An African man called Yasuke served Jesuit priests during the Nanban trade and then became a warrior and servant in the service of Lord Oda Nobunaga in a magical and technologically superior parallel history of 16th-century feudal Japan. In the year 1582, he saw the Dark General’s army, who served the demon lord Yami no Daimyo, defeat Nobunaga’s men at Honn-ji Temple. After Nobunaga’s death and his army’s loss, Yami no Daimyo became absolute ruler.

Twenty years later, Yasuke attempts to put his days as the “Black Samurai” behind him by living as a reclusive boatman in a secluded hamlet under the name Yassan. He meets a singer called Ichika at a bar and offers to transport her and her ailing daughter Saki, who has unexplained magical abilities, to the north in order to visit a specialized doctor.

Yasuke and Saki figure themselves in the middle of a struggle regarding the forces of Yami no Daimy after they are attacked by mercenaries who are after Ichika and Saki. During this time, Yasuke must deal with his past, deal with would-be conquerors of Japan, and face dark supernatural elements.

Yasuke Cast

  • Yasuke Voiced by: Jun Soejima(Japanese); Lakeith Stanfield(English)
  • Oda Nobunaga Voiced by: Takehiro Hira(Japanese and English)
  • Saki Voiced by: Kiko Tamura(Japanese); Maya Tanida(English)
  • NatsumaruVoiced by: Fusako Urabe(Japanese); Ming-Na Wen(English)
  • Ichika Voiced by: Rie Tanaka(Japanese); Gwendoline Yeo(English)
  • MorisukeVoiced by: Yu Kamio(Japanese); Paul Nakauchi(English)
  • IshikawaVoiced by: Eri Kitamura(Japanese); Dia Frampton(English)
  • Haruto Voiced by: Shunsuke Kubozuka(Japanese); Darren Criss(English)
  • Nikita Voiced by: Hiroki Nanami(Japanese); Julie Marcus(English)
  • Achoja Voiced by: Kenji Kitamura(Japanese); William Christopher Stephens(English)
  • Abraham Voiced by: Shigeru Ushiyama(Japanese); Dan Donohue(English)
  • Yami no Daimyō Voiced by: Yoshiko Sakakibara(Japanese); Amy Hill(English)

Yasuke Season 2 Plot

In the last episode of the first season, Saki and Yasuke team together to take down the daimyo and put her destiny in the hands of those she wronged. For his assistance in Morisuke’s rescue of his people, Achoja is rewarded with a huge prize. Yasuke surprises Saki by bringing her back to their hometown, where they are warmly welcomed. She moves in with Ichiro’s family, who she has known since childhood. In the moment after the credits roll, Yasuke gives her brother back the katana she had been using and gets a new one.

Yasuke may try to teach Ichiro the samurai way seriously in season 2. In the future, he may set out to join Morisuke in his quest to bring peace to Japan. It’s likely that he’ll join forces with Achoja to face off against fresh foes. The daimyo is probably still alive at the conclusion of the first season. She may go after Saki and Yasuke again now that she has recovered some of her former talents.

Yasuke Season 2 Trailer

Since a second season of “Yasuke” has not been officially ordered, there is currently no trailer for it. While you wait, check out this trailer for season 1. You can watch the whole anime series right now on Netflix if you haven’t watched it before.

Yasuke Age Rating

The TV-MA rating indicates that Yasuke is intended for an adult audience and may not be appropriate for those under the age of 17. It’s possible that this show has some graphic violence, sexual content, or other adult themes.

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