Xbox Series X and Smart Delivery: Graphics upgrades cannot be sold as DLC

Over the past few hours, a long and exhaustive explanation has arrived from Microsoft regarding the management of graphic upgrades for games Xbox Series X by developers who decide not to support it Smart Delivery.

In fact, according to the latest statements by the giant of Redmond, publishers will not be allowed in any way to sell these updates as additional content on the Microsoft Store. Anyone who therefore decides not to publish these graphic upgrades for free for their users, as will happen with NBA 2K21, can still decide to allow players who have a copy of the title for the old generation of consoles to buy the new version at a price reduced or, at worst, buy another copy, in this case next-gen, at full price. Microsoft also does not rule out the possibility that video game chains like Gamestop could create a series of games promotions that allow players to make old-gen copies of titles to get the latest ones with a more or less convenient price difference.

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In any case, it seems that not many publishers are interested in monetizing with this practice and all the titles Ubisoft, FIFA 21, Cyberpunk 2077 is Destiny 2 (just to name a few), they will receive a free update.

Did you know that Nacon will handle the production of official accessories for the Xbox Series X?


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