EA games to be upgraded free to PS5 and Xbox series X

EA games to be upgraded free to PS5 and Xbox series X


A recent revelation by COO of EA about games being upgraded for free to PS5 and Xbox X series has made the owners if its games are happy than they ever could be. Though details on free upgrade have not been officially made but in mist likelihood, both PS5 and Xbox Series X will be able to play EA games that were purchased on ps4 and Xbox 1.

Is this a gift from EA?

Some sources are even calling it a gift of EA for its clients. PlayStation 5 and Xbox x, both are expected to be expensive than the previous versions. Also, die to COVID 19 pandemic, the economy anyways has seen the lowest curve ever so spending a handsome amount of money on a new console will not be on a checklist for many. These facts are making us believe that the company is trying to show its gratitude towards its loyal customers with a small gift. Also, amidst all this, another fact to share which might be related to the free upgrade thing is that Microsoft has also announced a new feature called SMART DELIVERY. This feature allows the developers and the publishers to sell a game that can be played on both versions of Xbox.

What free upgrades will do?

All Xbox 1 and Ps4 games will be supported on Xbox x and PS4 automatically due to a feature in them which is referred to as backward compatibility. Both new consoles PS 5 and Xbox X are supposed to be launched this holiday season. Microsoft has already gathered its share of plans to compete is an opponent. EA in another confirmation revealed that it will launch a total of 14 games this fiscal season. Let’s hope for the best to happen!

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