Xbox Series S: No Xbox One X Enhanced Mode for Backward Compatible Games?

According to Digital Foundry’s analysis of the Xbox Series S, the hardware of Microsoft’s new nextgen console may not be sufficient to ensure full support for Xbox One X Enhanced mode for backwards compatible games.

Reflecting on the potential of the newcomer in the Redmond family of nextgen platforms, John Linneman of DF in fact highlights one of the possible “weaknesses” of the Xbox Series S architecture, namely the difference between the 8 GB of “fast” RAM equipped on Series S ei 9 GB of RAM available on the current Xbox One X.

Even with all the graphics and performance improvements guaranteed by the CPU superior to that of PS5, to a GPU based on RDNA architecture 2 and the customized SSD, according to the maximum exponent of the Digital Foundry collective, is just that single GB of waste between Series S and One X to make it difficult to support Xbox One X Enhanced functions.

Even in the worst case scenario, namely that of the total absence of the graphical improvements of the mode Xbox One X Enhanced, Xbox Series S will in any case be able to offer, through backward compatibility, performance clearly superior to that of Xbox One S: nor is Linneman himself convinced when he says that “It may be necessary to run backwards compatible games in ‘Xbox One S mode’ on Series S, but because its GPU and architecture make it much more powerful than the One S, and we know that power will also be accessible in titles from past generations. , then Microsoft may still be able to fix any performance issues. “.

As Linneman rightly pointed out, on the other hand, “in those games where Xbox One S struggles the most, for example by aggressively applying dynamic resolution or leading to noticeable drops in framerate, presumably on Xbox Series S this should work considerably more fluid and performing”.

On the pages of you will find an in-depth analysis on the doubts and potential of Xbox Series X, the nextgen economic console that will be available in Italy from November 10 at 299 euros. Also for November 10, the marketing of Xbox Series X is also planned, but at a price of 499 euro.

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