Spain extends the mandatory product warranty to three years

The Council of Ministers held today by the Government of Spain has ended with a piece of news that may cause changes in Apple products and services in the country. Coming soon the products must offer a three-year guarantee, a year more than what was requested until now.

In addition, manufacturers will have to have spare parts for your products for ten years, double that up to now. As our colleagues from Xataka comment, the movement is the result of a proposal from the European Union to defend the right to repair and increase the life of products, thus avoiding more waste.

A change that will have repercussions

Sure, this clashes head-on with the guarantee policy that Apple has in Spain. The company covers the first year of legal guarantee of the device you buy it where you buy it, but the second year of guarantee is covered by the store where you bought it. You get a three-year warranty with priority support from Apple by purchasing the AppleCare service, which will now have to be reformulated or priced to remain attractive in Spain. Or perhaps the price increase is reflected in the product itself, something that is also possible.

Apple expands its independent repair program to more than 200 countries

We do not yet know when this change will take effect. It will do so as soon as the decision is published in the Official State Gazette. At the moment Apple has not commented on the matter, but I do not doubt that there will be some type of change to adapt to this new mandatory three-year warranty.

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