With Base Duo, Fresh ‘n Rebel also wants to fill the gap left by the AirPower

We all know what happened to AirPower: Apple introduced it but never sold it, with many suspecting heat issues as a likely cause. Now the competition wants take advantage of that idea with your own products, something that we already saw recently with Xiaomi and we see again from the hand of Fresh ‘n Rebel.

This manufacturer has launched the Base Duo, an induction charging base capable of charging up to two devices at the same time and with five coils distributed inside so that we do not have to worry about in what position and angle to place those devices.

USB cable with up to 18W of power

The differentiating point of this base is its finish, with more rounded shapes and with a textile coating combined with synthetic leather. Its connection is USB-C and supports up to 18W, which far exceeds the standard 5W slow charge even if we charge two devices at the same time. You can use any power adapter to connect this dock, but Fresh ‘n Rebel has also launched its own adapter with 18W of power to match.

The Zens Liberty base is the closest thing we will see to Apple's AirPower

Both the adapter and the cable are included in the box and are the same color as the charger. The Base Duo can now be purchased from its official website for 69.99 euros, and will soon be available in more online stores. Optionally you can also buy the Base model that only charges one device for 39.99 euros, and both models are available in six colors.

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