Black Clover: Chapter 288 reveals a detail of Asta’s power

In chapter 289 we witnessed the return of two characters from Black Clover, in the meantime the previous chapter showed us a particularity of the power of Asta, protagonist of the manga di Yuki Tabata.

In the pages of the work we could see Asta face the duo of demonic twins, meanwhile saving Nacht, cornered by his opponents. The protagonist manages to get the better of the two thanks to his demonic form, but the fans were surprised to discover that his new power is not unlimited: the drawing on Asta’s chest in fact indicates the total time of his union with Liebe, which can last at most five minutes. For now, however, the new powers of the protagonist manage to give him a strong advantage over Naamah and Lilith, at the end of the chapter the first in fact is cut in half by Asta’s sword, a move that takes both his opponents by surprise.

We are sure that in the coming weeks we will find out more details about the new Auction skills and how to do it will end this fight, in the meantime continues the success obtained by the work of Yuki Tabata: as you could read in our previous news, in fact, the Black Clover manga has reached 12 million copies sold.

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