Will There Be a Season 3 of Knightfall? Tom Cullen Talks Story lines

Will There Be a Season 3 of Knightfall? Tom Cullen Talks Storylines

Tom Cullen who played the role of Landry in Knightfall Season 2. Now here he talks about the storylines of the Season 3.

Recently, he shared the Video and Interview after completing the Season. Where he talked about the storylines. He Started, “While I Breathe, I Trust the Cross,” his survivor temper brother escapes from the Flames of the Fights.


The Season 2 of Knightfall is Season of the Pity, Remorse, and Penitence. Mark Hamil Also forced himself before the god. The in the Journey he found the purpose again with the humbleness he crosses the path on it.

While Finale Night Tom Cullen is on the Phone for Discuss The Keymoment of the Knightfall, Landry is really anticipating the confrontation of the season.

Landry said, “Padraic, and I really worked on that scene, getting it into a shape that we all felt happy with. Aaron’s a really fantastic collaborator like that, and he really heard us and allowed us to navigate what we wanted to put in there.”

Then he was talking about the scene, “What I love about that scene is that it has zero subtext, it’s Shakespearean in a way, with people just saying what they feel. It is great to see these two characters, who feel vindicated and justified in their actions.”

He and Padraic have spent plenty of time in the show. So both are very persuasive in the arguments. After the comeback, they both are changed completely, and this is the main pitfall of the show.

Report Ask him about the script, and he said, “I loved that button as well because they kind of shout at each other and then the army sweeps past, and they have to hide and “shut up.” Then they just sat there together, and within this posturing and them fighting with each other,”

Further, he added, “they realize that they both have nothing. Both of them have destroyed everything that they have spent their lives working towards. There’s an interesting, weird bonding moment there, which I think is powerful.”

This is the very dark show, and so people are asking him about the Season. He Said, “I don’t know” He included, “Nobody knows what’s happening to everybody else. It’s a mystery even to me at this point. I think that’s something that if there were a season three, we would explore.” So, will there be a Season 3 of Knightfall?

Still, Officials have not broken the silence about the Knightfall Season 3.

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