Wild Wild Country Season 2: Release Date, And Everything We Know Far

Recent cultural memory is dominated by large events that had lasting effects on politics, such as the killing of John F. Kennedy, the bombing of Pearl Harbor, and the countless stories revolving around the Cold War. These are the types of stories that are bound to get the greatest attention, so it’s no surprise that most ID or Smithsonian documentaries focus on them as well.

The Netflix original series Wild Wild Country aims to educate viewers about the latter group by focusing on the influential but now-forgotten Oregon counterculture of the 1980s. The six-part miniseries uses a wide variety of contemporary films, papers, and archives to trace the calamities that resulted from the cult of the Indian Guru, also known as Osho, and raises questions about the nature of good and evil.

Wild Wild Country Season 2 Release Date

The documentary series Wild Wild Country was produced in the United States and is presented in English. On March 16, 2018, the first season of the Juliana Lembi-created show premiered. There has been only one season of the show released so far. There were six episodes in the pilot season. It takes between 64 and 71 minutes to watch each episode. Mark Duplass, Jay Duplass, Josh Braun, Dan Braun, Lisa Nishimura, Ben Cotner, and Adam Del Deo serve as the show’s executive producers.

Season one of the show was very well received, so now fans must patiently wait for season two. The first season was profitable for the production companies that created it, which included Duplass Brothers Productions, Stardust Frames Productions, and Submarine Entertainment. Season 2 will consequently be released very shortly. Season one dropped all six episodes at once.

In January 2019, it was revealed that Priyanka Chopra would star in a film adaptation of the series. Sheela is the title of the Amazon Studios show. There has been no confirmed date for the premiere of Season 2 of Wild, Wild Country.

Wild Wild Country Season 2 Plot

Wild Wild Country chronicles Osho’s arrival in the United States, as well as the conflict between his group and the local Oregon community over the establishment of the ashrama; the locals mistook Osho’s actions as the start of the much-maligned hippie culture. Horrifying events followed when Osho’s followers resorted to extreme measures to combat the opposition, including the poisoning of thousands of people and the attempted murder of U.S. Attorney Charles H. Turner. The show employs every tool available to journalists, including footage from current news outlets, archival materials from law enforcement and government agencies, and in-depth interviews with Osho and other significant people who offer their reflections on the events in retrospect.

Is Wild Wild Country inspired by a true story?

Bhagwan and his Sanskrit-speaking disciples, known as “sannyasins,” advocated building a utopian city large enough to house millions of people. They also planned to assume complete control of Antelope’s government, which they ultimately did. Their dream of peace and sexual liberation was destroyed as Bhagwan and his top apostles struggled for power. Ma Anand Sheela is a fascinating protagonist. After taking a solemn oath, she became Bhagwan’s spokesperson and served as his assistant. She helped develop a 64,000-acre plot in Antelope into a thriving metropolis with a network of roads, a hotel, a commercial airport, and a variety of businesses and services. Sheela became corrupted by power and was found guilty of multiple crimes, including murder, espionage, endangering the lives of dozens of people, and more.

Sheela pleaded guilty to conspiracy, premeditated murder, and other charges in 1984 for her role in the Salmonella poisoning deaths of seven hundred and fifty Oregon residents. She served just under a third of her 20-year sentence. Many others, including Satya Franklin, were drugged by Sheela. She said the assault occurred in Prune, India, long before Sannyasins moved to Oregon, and that she had complained of a sore neck at the time.

Wild Wild Country Season 2 Trailer

No fresh trailers or teasers have been posted for the documentary series because it is unknown if it will be renewed for a new season. The first season’s official trailer is available to watch right now.

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