Why Is Diet Squirt Out Of Stock?

Why Is Diet Squirt Out Of Stock?

I know a lot of people have been asking this question. Whether for using the diet squirt as a weight loss aid or even for cooking purposes, you may want to buy it, but it’s not available anywhere.

Well, you see – the thing is – The product was initially manufactured by a company that didn’t exist anymore. I don’t remember the company’s name now because I wasn’t looking into it then and was browsing through different items one day, found Diet Squirt, and added it to the cart without much thought about its origin.

And when I got my package from CVS and opened it, I noticed the bottle looked very different than what was advertised on eBay. Then I realized Instead of ‘White Rain,’ it said ‘White Tower.’

The thing is that the company producing Diet Squirt as we know it didn’t exist anymore, and as such – they no longer had the product. And if you see on eBay, it’s all branded White Rain – which means – All items sold by EBAY Sellers are FAKE! They contain nothing but water with some artificial sweetener (which doesn’t work) and color and flavor (cherry and lemon). So people selling Diet Squirt on eBay can do so because there’s no legal claim to the product name.

I then managed to get in touch with an old business associate who worked for a significant p&g company (manufacturer of diet squirt back in the day), and he sent me a few cases. Those bottles look exactly like my previous purchases from eBay, so I’m sure they are still producing them for some retailers. Still, it’s not available anymore on CVS/Walgreens or any other chain store, so far as I know.

Who makes diet squirt:

It was initially manufactured by White Tower Inc. Somewhere around 1992-3. I believe White Tower Inc stopped manufacturing the product, and it hasn’t been available since then until my associate found out about it.

P&G is the parent company of White tower inc – they also make Tide, Pampers, Ariel et al

Why is diet squirt out of stock? where to buy diet squirt:

My old business associate still manages to get me cases of Diet Squirt every once in a while, but that’s another story altogether. As for you all – sorry, I don’t have any more supply at this point, so no eBay purchases either till further notice… If you know anyone who can get me some Diet Squirt, please hook me up!

Why is diet squirt out of stock everywhere:

I don’t want to give false hopes, but I might have some in a few weeks if you still follow me. It is being manufactured so there will be available in stores very soon. All my orders are with P&G corporate distribution center, and they are making it available in stores nationwide starting in May 2014.

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