Why Did Netflix Remove Bob’s Burgers

Why Did Netflix Remove Bob’s Burgers

Netflix removed Bob’s Burgers after a series of rape threats against the show’s creator, Loren Bouchard, and his family. The threats came from an outraged group of online Bob’s Burgers fans because, well – they’re just not very nice people.

It would take too long to list all the awful things these so-called “fans” have been saying about the show and its cast on Twitter over the past few months, but suffice it to say that you don’t need us to spell out why their nasty behavior is terrible.

We’ll let Ani Bundel from WIRED do that for us:

“The insult comes from a small but vocal minority of internet whose opinions generally go ignorantly unacknowledged by the wider public. But when they organize on platforms like Twitter, their nasty rants can become dangerous.”

Are bobs burgers on Disney plus:

A Bob’s Burgers fan has been inquiring about the status of “Bob’s Burgers” on Disney+, and we respond that we have had no official information from Fox or Disney about this matter. There is a possibility that there will be a majority of a new voice cast since they are making more episodes for this streaming service.

We suggest looking at sites such as IMDb where you can find who is going to star in the show but keep in mind that even those stars aren’t always appearing in every episode (due to scheduling conflicts, etc.). You may see many shows differ once it gets released into production. And yes, based upon what we’ve heard, it does like H. Jon Benjamin will be back, and he is the main character.

Are bobs burgers on HBO max:

We have not heard any information about this show appearing on HBO Max at this time.

is Bob’s Burgers ending in 2020:

Bob’s Burgers weren’t ending in 2020; it’s just that Fox is launching a streaming service at that time, and most of their shows will be moving to that network (including Bob’s).  This means they won’t air new episodes on fox (and yes, the voice cast may/may not change depending upon availability).

How many seasons of bobs burgers are there:

There are currently nine seasons of Bob’s Burgers on Netflix. is bobs burgers back on Netflix:-

It has not been announced if “Bob’s Burgers” will be returning to Netflix, Hulu, or any other streaming network at this time.

Are bobs burgers coming to Hulu:

We have received no information that suggests that Bob’s Burgers will be added to the Hulu platform in the future. Does fox own bob’s burgers?

Yes, 20th Century Fox Television owns Bob’s Burgers. is bobs burgers on-demand

No, “Bob’s Burgers” is not available for purchase through iTunes or any other digital network/service at a time. If you are looking for a particular episode of this show, you can try looking it up on Amazon or Vudu.

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