Who tops Net-Worth? Kylie Jenner or Kim Kadarshian 

Who tops Net-Worth? Kylie Jenner or Kim Kadarshian 

Everyone knows the Kylie Jenner; she is the youngest and richest girl at the age of 22 Year. As per Forbes list, she got this tag for the second time in straight years. She got the 1.2 Billion dollars from her cosmetic brands. This post is about the debatable things between Kylie Jenner and Kim Kadarshian Net worth.

We haven’t seen a film in while the time from Kylie Jenner and Kim Kadarshian. Kylie is going well with it a cosmetic brand. Kylie Genre gets 10 figures income which was done by Mark Zukerberg at the age of 23 years.


In 2019 Kylie Jenner was selected in the Forbes list of main 100 most generously compensated famous people. She secures the second position, in the first position single Taylor Swift seat well.

Recently, one deal has been disclosed, The Organization of moved up when they got 51% in Kylies Cosmetic. This deal was finalized in 600 Million dollars. But this arrangement has been shut down in January. It is an innovative pioneer of Cosmetic Company; she is Cover Girl in the New York Magazines.

Also, Forbes is appreciated by Kylie Jenner in the range of America’s Richest Self Made Women. Kylie’s competition with Kim in net-worth is way better than her. Kim gets 350 million dollars. So it is the half of the net worth then Kylie Jenner.


Before a couple of months, Kylie’s cosmetic was dropped. It is because of the Assortment that devoted to her girl Stormi Webster. She is close to Stormi, The highlighted butterfly theme was fantastic and it was up from that design. The Whole line was discharged on Stormi’s birthday.

Kylie Jenner is the most independent girl in her family right now. Kim was good at some time but the age of 22 Kylie Jenner is won the battle of net-worth. It’s from the Stormi World where she goes up in her business.

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