Who is the Giant Jaw? History and owners of the creature from The Attack of the Giants

The Attack of the Giants anime has also come to the point of introducing us to all the Nine Giants. Coming to the end of the first part of the fourth and final season, we know a lot about these creatures with extraordinary powers. Let us dwell now on who is the Giant Jaw and what powers he has.

Attention, because there are also references to elements present for now only in the manga of The Attack of the Giants and which will therefore be treated in part 2 of the anime that will be published in winter 2022.

Together with the other creatures, it originates from the power of Ymir the founder who passed on these skills to her daughters and gradually to the Eldians of today. Giant Jaw showed up in multiple forms in Attack of the Giants, showing mainly a strengthening of teeth and jaw, but also sharp claws that can penetrate the hardening of other giants as well. Its size is small and this allows it to act with great speed, but at the same time it is not very resistant to the attacks of the major giants. For this reason the Giant Jaw is not among the strongest in general but it proves very useful in many situations.

Initially, the Giant Jaw was in possession of Marley who granted it to Marcel Galliard. Marcel’s giant exhibited dark hair and facial hardening, which changes dramatically when power is gained from Ymir. At this moment, Marley temporarily loses the power of this creature which passes to the exiled girl. Ymir presents a rather simple giant, with very sharp teeth but few other particular traits. Finally the Giant Jaw returns to the Galliards’ possession, with Porko having a shape very similar to that of his older brother. However Porko is not the last owner of the creature, as he will then pass to Falco Grice who will see a giant changed further in form, with a distinctly different facial hardening.

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