Where to Watch The Burning Girls?

The Burning Girls, Paramount+’s newest original British drama, premieres just in time for Halloween. The new drama is inspired by the best-selling book of the same name, and it stars Oscar actress Samantha Morton as a vicar and single mother who moves to a small town in an attempt to start over and finds herself surrounded by conspiracies and superstitions.

In addition to Morton, the six-part series has performances from Ruby Stokes, Rupert Graves, John MacMillan, and others; but, when will the series be made available to viewers? Find out more about the Paramount+ series The Burning Girls right here.

Where to watch The Burning Girls?

Paramount Plus premiered the six-episode series The Burning Girls on Thursday, October 19, 2023. If you sign up for Paramount Plus, you’ll get access to the first season of The Burning Girls.

The Burning Girls Cast

Samantha Morton appears as one of the Burning Girls. Reverend Jack Brooks is played by Samantha Morton (She Said, The Walking Dead) and her daughter Flo is played by Ruby Stokes (Bridgerton, Lockwood & Co.). Safia Oakley-Green (Sherwood), John Macmillan (Back), and Rupert Graves (Sherlock) all have significant roles in the show.

  • Samantha Morton as Reverend Jack Brooks
  • Ruby Stokes as Flo Brooks
  • Conrad Khan as Lucas Wrigley
  • Rupert Graves as Simon Harper
  • Élodie Grace Orkin as Rosie Harper
  • Janie Dee as Clara Rushton
  • David Dawson as Aaron Marsh
  • Paul Bradley as Reverend Brian Rushton
  • Jane Lapotaire as Joan Hartman
  • Jack Roth as Vagrant
  • Mollie Holder as Merry Lane
  • Safia Oakley-Green as Joy Harris
  • Beth Cordingly as Emma Harper
  • John Macmillan as Mike Sudduth

The Burning Girls Story

In Hans Rosenfeldt’s (Marcella) six-part series The Burning Girls, Reverend Jack Brooks (Morton) and her daughter Flo (Stokes) relocate to the sleepy Sussex hamlet of Chapel Croft, only to uncover the town’s deadly history. The town went downhill when two young girls were burnt at the stake in 1556.

More of the village’s terrible secrets emerge as they get more familiar with it. After being visited by the spirits of the burned girls, Jack learns that the previous vicar committed himself by hanging himself in the church. Similarly, Jack soon begins to experience paranormal activity inside the church itself.

Jack investigates the mysterious disappearances of young women in Chapel Croft and uncovers the village’s dark past. In the last several years, five different villagers have mysteriously gone without a trace. Jack and Flo start their own probe and find more horrors.

The Burning Girls Ending Explained

Fasten your seatbelts, for we’re about to enter the nail-biting conclusion of “The Burning Girls.” As the story progresses, readers will experience a roller coaster of emotions as the secrets of Chapel Croft are eventually revealed, notably the circumstances behind Reverend Fletcher’s death. Some of the answers it provides may come as a complete surprise.

The mysterious circumstances surrounding Reverend Fletcher’s sudden death become central to Chapel Croft’s investigation. Fletcher’s obsession with finding the lost girls of Chapel Croft led to her becoming a prominent voice and the revelation of horrific revelations about the town’s dark past, including the 1556 martyrdoms. Fletcher is getting closer and closer to exposing the evil forces at work in Chapel Croft, but unfortunately, he is also falling victim to them.

Flo, Jack’s daughter, befriends Lucas Wrigley, a youngster with Tourette’s syndrome-like neurological disorders, in a surprising turn of events. After a series of unsettling incidents at Chapel Croft Chapel, Lucas begins to suspect foul play. In a surprising turn of events, it is revealed that Lucas and Rosie (another resident of Chapel Croft) are lovers and are responsible for the death of Reverend Fletcher because they don’t want Jack prying into Chapel Croft’s dark secrets.

The Burning Girls Trailer

The Burning Girls, for which Paramount Plus has published both an official trailer and a teaser trailer, promises to be an exciting horror film. Look down below to see.

The Burning Girls Filming Locations

Location shooting for “The Burning Girls” took place mostly in Buckinghamshire, England. Buckinghamshire is a ceremonial county in south-east England, and it is there that a large section of ‘The Burning Girls’ was filmed. The cast and crew of ‘The Burning Girls’ travel all around England, including to London, where they film many significant episodes at several studios. Key parts, it seems, are also documented in East Sussex.

The Burning Girls: Is it based on a real story?

The 17 Protestants who were burnt alive in East Sussex in 1556 provide the setting for The Burning Girls. They were honored as martyrs, and their deaths were remembered annually. Similar martyrdoms for Abigail and Maggie are shown in the series; the community used to gather once a year to burn effigies in memory of the deceased. The series takes these real-life occurrences as its inspiration and spins a fictitious story around them to demonstrate how religion can be used to justify the demonization, character assassination, and brutal treatment of women.

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