Where to Watch The Artful Dodger?

situated historically, giving a modern twist on a character drawn from Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens. The heroes frantically navigate their way through one crazy adventure after another, and the show often seems like a creative brother to the Netflix sensation One Piece in that it runs at a breakneck pace, sometimes overlaying a contemporary soundtrack over a historical piece with a host of surprises.

Thomas Brodie-Sangster, known for his roles in Game of Thrones and Love Actually, plays the role of Charles Dickens’ notorious “prince of thieves,” Jack Dawkins, in The Artful Dodger, an ambitious new series that delves into the adult double life of Dickens’ character. In this inventive spin, Dawkins’ deft fingers for pickpocketing now serve him well as a skilled surgeon.

The raucous and gritty colony of Port Victory in 1850s Australia is the setting for the story. Despite his best efforts, Dawson can’t escape his troubled history, which reappears in the form of Fagin (David Thewlis, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2), who tempts him back into the criminal underworld. The Artful Dodger has many admirable qualities, like being ambitious, interesting, and sharp.

Where to watch The Artful Dodger?

Hulu users in the United States will be able to watch The Artful Dodger starting on Wednesday, November 29, 2023. In the United Kingdom and Ireland, the eight-part series will premiere on Disney Plus on January 17, 2024.

The Artful Dodger Plot

Former naval physician Jack Dawkins became a well-respected young surgeon in colonial Australia in the 1850s. Nevertheless, Jack, once known as the Artful Dodger, is compelled to return to a life of crime when an old friend named Fagin reappears. Jack develops feelings for the governor’s daughter, a future surgeon.

The plot develops, casting doubt on whether Jack can remake his life in the colony the way he had imagined, as his past and present intertwine and outside forces threaten his ambitions.

The Artful Dodger Cast

  • Thomas Brodie-Sangster As The Artful Dodger/Jack Dawkins

The Artful Dodger, portrayed by Thomas Brodie-Sangster, is a hit on Hulu. But when Oliver Twist ended, he mostly just went by Jack Dawkins. Before he left behind a life of crime and pickpocketing and traveled to Australia, where this narrative takes place, Jack worked for Norbert Fagin in London. Jack resumed his career as a naval physician in Australia throughout the 1850s. But in The Artful Dodger, his history catches up with him.

  • Maia Mitchell As Lady Belle Fox

Viewers of The Artful Dodger on Hulu may see Maia Mitchell in the role of Lady Belle Fox. Being the daughter of the governor and a woman presents unique challenges for Lady Belle as she pursues her dream of becoming a surgeon on the program. Though they maintain a professional connection at first, the moment she meets Jack, everything changes. Neither of them can ignore the passionate feelings that exist between them.

  • David Thewlis As Norbert Fagin

A well-known character from Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens, Norbert Fagin, is played in The Artful Dodger by David Thewlis. Out of the blue, Fagin—Jack’s previous supervisor in London—returns to Australia to track down his former protégé.

  • Damon Herriman As Captain Lucien Gaines

In the drama series on Hulu, Damon Herriman portrays the role of Captain Lucien Gaines. One colony investigator, Gaines, has suspicions about Jack and decides to look into him.

The other cast members are as follows:


  • Tim Minchin As Darius Cracksworth
  • Damien Garvey As Governor Edmund Fox
  • Lucy-Rose Leonard As Lady Fanny Fox
  • Nicholas Burton as Dr. Rainsford Sneed
  • Kym Gyngell as Professor Alistair McGregor
  • Susie Porter as Lady Jane Fox
  • Luke Carroll as Tim Billiberliary
  • Vivienne Awosoga as Hetty Baggett

The Artful Dodger Trailer

As of early October 2023, the streamer has only shared a few first-look photographs and a teaser video for The Artful Dodger. In this minute-long movie, we are transported to the 1850s, when Australia was experiencing its gold rush.

The trailer, shot in Sydney, New South Wales, gives a cursory introduction to the film’s protagonists, including Lady Belle, Fagin, and Jack Dawkins. As the tale takes place in the vibrant town of Port Victory, Dawkins is seen by the town’s elite as a recent arrival, serving as Surgeon Lieutenant while desperately trying to conceal his history of criminal activity.

The teaser also features appearances from Fagin and Lady Belle. Jack is inspired to pull out audacious heists, while Fagin’s return appears to have revived his old habits. Despite Lady Belle’s apparent familiarity with Jack’s “life of thievery,” the two look to be developing a romantic relationship.

The Artful Dodger Age Rating

No one seems to know why The Artful Dodger has a TV-14 rating. When it comes to the specifics of how episodes are rated, television shows are much less forthcoming than movies. Similarly to the PG-13 certification, the TV-14 rating for The Artful Dodger indicates that the movie contains content that is suitable for viewers older than 14.

There is sexual innuendo, violence, and profanity throughout the series. However, the lack of an explicit TV-MA classification suggests that it is appropriate solely for adults. The fact that the Hulu series features criminal activities is not unexpected, given that Jack Dawkins is a master thief.

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