The Artful Dodger Season 2: Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know

This series serves as a precursor to the events depicted in the timeless “Oliver Twist.” It takes place in the 1850s in Port Victory, Australia. The plot revolves around physician Jack Dawkins, who struggles to escape his criminal background and tries to lead a double life. Among other things, the show crafts an interesting plot around the prospect of stealing operations soirées.

The Artful Dodger Season 2 Renewal Status

Neither Disney+ nor Hulu have revealed when The Artful Dodger will return for a second season. The show’s debut on Hulu was on November 29, 2023, so fans may have to wait tight for any renewal announcements!

The Artful Dodger Season 2 Release Date

Reportedly created as a limited series, the program has no set premiere date. Several sources state that an eight-part miniseries based on Dickens’s famous book, The Artful Dodger, was in the works. Therefore, season 2 is very unlikely unless the production firm decides to broaden its initial intentions with the program and transform it into a multi-season endeavor.

The Artful Dodger Story

After serving in the navy, young physician Jack Dawkins became well-respected in the colony of Australia in the 1850s. Former London pickpocket Jack (then known as Artful Dodger) is dragged back into crime when an old friend, Fagin, reappears. Jack becomes fond of the governor’s daughter, a future physician. As the story progresses and Jack’s history and present intertwine, it becomes more unclear whether he will be able to achieve his dreams of reshaping his life in the colony.

The Artful Dodger Cast

  • Thomas Brodie-Sangster as the Artful Dodger, Jack Dawkins
  • David Thewlis as Norbert Fagin
  • Maia Mitchell as Lady Belle Fox
  • Damon Herriman as Captain Lucien Gaines
  • Jessica De Gouw as Peggy Gaines
  • Kym Gyngell as Professor Alistair McGregor
  • Luke Carroll as Tim Billiberliary
  • Miranda Tapsell as Red/Frances Scrubbs
  • Huw Higginson as Father Cruikshanks
  • Susie Porter as Lady Jane Fox
  • Damien Garvey as Governor Edmund Fox
  • Andrea Demetriades as Marianne Cracksworth
  • Nicholas Burton as Dr. Rainsford Sneed
  • Ezekiel Simat as Monks
  • Tim Minchin as Darius Cracksworth
  • Lucy-Rose Leonard as Lady Fanny Fox
  • Jude Hyland as Charlie Salt

The Artful Dodger Season 2 Plot

This charming retelling of Dickens’s works is nothing new; we have already covered it. The Artful Dodger is no different. The most unexpected turns of events in the series include Oliver Twist’s introduction and his subsequent designation as the main adversary.

This inversion is very brilliant since everyone regards Oliver as a nice, innocent little orphan youngster. This maintains the audience’s attention and participation.

The series’ conclusion has Oliver stealing the governor’s gold before Fagin and Jack. Although Oliver will spend time behind bars for his crimes, he can reconcile with Fagin at the story’s conclusion. Nevertheless, Fagin can recover the stolen funds.

When Fagin is pardoned for his crimes and released from prison, indications are made that Oliver, who safeguarded the governor’s daughter, may also earn a pardon.

Where to watch The Artful Dodger?

Hulu is where you can get Season 1 of The Artful Dodger.

The Artful Dodger Review

An entirely charming and surprising spin on the life of a well-known literary figure is presented in The Artful Dodger, Hulu’s latest historical drama. Among the greatest and most original programs to premiere on the streaming service this year, it has an A-list ensemble, a lavish wardrobe, a courageous soundtrack, and unexpected plot twists.

The Artful Dodger Age Rating

You would think the Artful Dodger’s TV-14 rating says it all about the show’s target demographic, but it doesn’t always rule out the possibility of younger viewers. On this particular occasion, however, kids should not watch the program. There are several graphic depictions of violence, including one when a character is shown to be bleeding profusely.

Considering that Jack Dawkins is a surgeon, it is unsurprising that his work includes amputations (which he claims he can do in under a minute) and graphic depictions of animals, such as a cat devouring a severed finger as he operates. Do not be afraid; this is an intense series.

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