Where to Watch The 1619 Project?

Nikole Hannah-Jones and contributors to the NYT and NYTM Magazine began a long-form journalism project called The 1619 Project not long ago.

Beginning with the arrival of the first Africans to colonial Virginia in 1619, they set out to investigate the many ways in which the Black experience has impacted American history. Hannah-Jones was awarded the Pulitzer Prize for her study, which was highly lauded after the team examined more than 400 years of history.

Now, thanks to the documentary series The 1619 Project, audiences can see the ups and downs of this historic endeavor and reflect on how our actions in the past have affected our present. The 1619 Project series is detailed here with all the information we have.

Where to watch The 1619 Project?

On Thursday, January 26th, the 1619 Project had its US debut on Hulu.

The 1619 Project Cast

Since both the series and the documentary were created by Hannah Jones, she will also be the one narrating both. Her co-executive producers for the program are Roger Ross Williams and Caitlin Roper, who has worked on the 1619 Project and as a news editor for the New York Times. The New York Times editorial director, Oprah Winfrey, and Kathleen Lingo will all be involved as executive producers. Winfrey is famous for several things, including her work as a filmmaker, TV producer, philanthropist, and talk show presenter. Showrunner Shoshana Guy is a journalist and executive producer of the program.

The 1619 Project Plot

African Americans and their experiences in the United States after their enslavement are central to the 1619 project’s storyline. In response to the comment that the play is an American narrative, Hannah Jones said that it is difficult to explain or understand the story of America without including Black people.

Since understanding American history is incomplete without delving into the topic of slavery, that is where the next series will concentrate. She went on to say that the program is more of a window into the country that Black Americans call home than a documentary chronicling Black history.

The 1619 Project Trailer

Official footage for the six-part documentary series The 1619 Project premiered on Hulu on January 4, 2023, and it gives viewers a taste of the many important topics that will be covered.

The trailer provides a quick look at many African Americans and their experiences with the many hardships they’ve endured throughout history. Audiences of historical documentaries would undoubtedly find the trailer’s overall tone to be captivating and compelling.

The 1619 Project Director

The docuseries does not have a single director responsible for each episode. Roger Ross-Williams helms episodes 1 and 6, Shoshana Guy and Naimah Jabali-Nash helm episode 2, Christine Turner helms episode 3, Kamilah Forbes helms episode 4, and Phil Bertelsen helms episode 5.

Ross-Williams has directed God Loves Uganda and The Apollo before earning an Oscar for Music by Prudence. This is Jabali-Nash’s first big directorial project, and her prior work with Guy was the docuseries 4Real. Producer Turner has worked on Homegoings, director Forbes on Between the World and Me, and producer Bertelsen on Netflix’s Who Killed Malcolm X?

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