Where to Watch Southern Charm Season 9?

Even though summer is winding down, season 9 of Southern Charm is back on Bravo, and things are starting to heat up in Charleston, South Carolina. There are both fresh and familiar faces in this group, and they have a long and complicated history together.

It’s amazing that the ensemble of Southern Charm was able to work together at all after the tumultuous season 8 reunion. After all, Shep and Taylor’s breakup was nasty, Austen and Olivia are not anymore dating, and Austen and Madison can’t stand to be in the same room together. However, it does make for great TV, so we appreciate that.

Historic landmarks, elegant social gatherings, and delicious sweet tea abound in Charleston, but that doesn’t mean this group is short on drama. Learn all about the upcoming ninth season of Southern Charm right here.

Southern Charm Season 9 Release Date

On September 14, the ninth season of Southern Charm debuted. The season’s filming was completed in March of 2023, after taking place over the course of several months. Almost a year after season 8’s initial airing, the widely awaited release date finally arrived.

According to IMDb, the following is the order in which the remaining episodes will air:

  • Episode 01: September 14
  • Episode 02: September 21
  • Episode 03: September 28
  • Episode 04: October 05
  • Episode 05: October 12
  • Episode 06: October 19
  • Episode 07: October 26
  • Episode 08: November 2
  • Episode 09: November 9
  • Episode 10: November 16

If there be a total of five more episodes in season 9 of Southern Charm, the finale will air on December 21, right before Christmas.

Southern Charm Season 9 Cast

The positive news is that season 9 of Southern Charm will feature three new male cast members. Unfortunately, numerous fan-favorite cast members have left Bravo.

Jarrett Thomas, Rodrigo Reyes, and Rod Razavi join returning cast members Craig Conover, Austen Kroll, Shep Rose, Madison LeCroy, Venita Aspen, Olivia Flowers, Taylor Ann Green, and Leva Bonaparte on your TV screen. However, Naomie Olindo, Kathryn Dennis, and Chleb Ravenell are no longer associated with the show.

What would a season of Southern Charm be without non-regulars Whitney Sudler-Smith and his mom, Patricia Altschul? In Season 9, you’ll see them both.

  • Craig Conover
  • Austen Kroll
  • Shep Rose
  • Madison LeCroy
  • Venita Aspen
  • Olivia Flowers
  • Leva Bonaparte
  • Taylor Ann Green
  • Rodrigo Reyes
  • Jarrett Thomas
  • Rod Razavi

Southern Charm Season 9 Plot

Season 9 of Southern Charm will reportedly focus on a rekindled romance between Olivia Flowers and Austen Kroll. In the premiere episode of this season, Olivia made it crystal clear that she wanted nothing to do with Austen. Both she and Taylor’s ex-boyfriends were eventually addressed on-screen.

Madison LeCroy and Venita Aspen’s slow-moving friendship may also be featured. They may finally clear the air on their reconciled comments from many interviews.

Although Madison and Venita are not particularly close, she is back on good terms with Leva Bonaparte, who toasted her and Brett Randle at their reception in Charleston after their wedding.

Austen and Shep are up next; they aren’t on good terms with their exes but have a friend in Craig Conover. The three were seen shopping for Madison-Brett’s event and having a pleasant time together. However, Austen and Shep’s exes, Olivia and Taylor, seem to be back on good terms.

Southern Charm Season 9 Trailer

Queens of Bravo on Instagram revealed the debut date of September 14 in a video for season 9 of Southern Charm on August 3. In the preview, Austen and Taylor’s rumored affair is addressed, and Madison has what appears to be a pregnancy scare before disclosing she suffered a “pelvic fracture during the delivery.”

Craig and his girlfriend from Summer House, Paige DeSorbo, continue to argue over whether or not they should be married, and a newcomer is interested in asking Olivia out on a date. Season 9 of Southern Charm has been nothing short of exciting thus far.

Where to watch Southern Charm Season 9?

Most standard pay-TV providers will carry Bravo, where you can watch Southern Charm. Fubo, Hulu with Live TV, Sling TV, and YouTube TV all carry Bravo for those who want to make the transition to live TV streaming.

Will there be Southern Charm Season 10?

Beyond season 9, nothing has been announced about the future of Southern Charm. Southern Charm’s Season 10 renewal has not yet been confirmed by Bravo.

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