Where to Watch Silo?

Silo, a science fiction drama series on Apple TV+, relies on a novelette with a complex world that needs expanding upon. Hugh Howey wrote Wool, the first installment of the Silo book series, and self-published it as an e-book in 2011. Howey followed up the Silo universe with the 2013 releases of Shift and Dust.

According to Apple’s official press statement, the Silo series is based on the complete book trilogy, and a future season is confirmed to explore the subsequent volumes in greater depth. Therefore, Silo has extensive and intricate world-building.

Silo Series

In Silo, we learn about a group of people who have taken refuge in a vertical underground complex because of the toxic circumstances on the surface.

A terrible event happened on Earth eons ago, the silo dwellers believe, rendering surface life untenable for humans. After Sheriff Holston chose to leave the silo to find out the truth about the outside world, the series stars Rebecca Ferguson as Juliette, the unexpected pick for Sheriff of the Silo.

Where to watch Silo?

You’ll need a subscription to Apple TV+ if you want to keep watching Silo, as it’s only available there.

Silo Release Date

On May 5th, 2023, Silo debuted on Apple TV+ around the world. The original title of the show was “Wool.”On May 5, Apple TV+ will debut the first two episodes of Silo, and each subsequent Friday until June 30, 2023, they will add one new episode.

Silo Cast

  • Rebecca Ferguson as Juliette Nichols
  • Rashida Jones as Allison Becker
  • David Oyelowo as Holston Becker
  • Common as Robert Sims,
  • Tim Robbins as Bernard Holland
  • Harriet Walter as Martha Walker
  • Avi Nash as Lukas Kyle
  • Rick Gomez as Patrick Kennedy
  • Chinaza Uche as Paul Billings “Syndrome”
  • Will Patton as Samuel “Sam” Marnes,
  • Ferdinand Kingsley as George Wilkins,
  • Shane McRae as Knox
  • Billy Postlethwaite as Hank
  • Chipo Chung as Sandy
  • Remmie Milner as Shirley Campbell
  • Matt Gomez Hidaka as Cooper
  • Iain Glen as Dr. Pete Nichols
  • Caitlin Zoz as Kathleen Billings

Silo Story

The dystopian future of Silo is terrible and poisonous. Jules, or Juliette, played by Rebecca, is a strong-willed and self-reliant engineer. The only option for Jules and her people to survive in a world with hazardous air is to dwell in a gigantic silo hundreds of stories underground.

Strict regulations that the survivors assume will keep them safe are imposed on them. But there are always those who defy the rules and hold out for a brighter tomorrow. The punishment for rule-breaking by these potentially dangerous individuals is a simple one: they are sent outdoors to “clean.” They are not up to the challenge of doing it.

The world of Wool is a dystopian future Earth. The Silo is a city 144 floors below ground where the remaining population of Earth has taken up residence. The most crucial regulation is that you can’t even think about or discuss leaving the facility.

Anyone who volunteers to clean the external sensors that serve as cameras to the outside world will be assigned to do so. But outside, in the poisonous air, the cleaners will all perish in a matter of minutes. Engineer Jules (Rebecca Ferguson) is recruited to be the sheriff of The Silo because of her tenacity, responsibility, and determination. She wonders what motivated ex-sheriff Holston and his wife to take on such a menial task, and eventually finds herself in a similar position.

Silo Ending

In her VR outfit, Juliette is unable to see the bodies of Allison and Holston, but she trips over them anyhow and assumes they are dead. When she sets down Holston’s badge, she sees what appears to be a projected image under her hand. Remembering what Martha (Harriet Walter) had said, she examines the thermal tape on her sleeve. The guide, mother figure, and accomplished electrical engineer made sure she had plenty of this tape to keep her safe.

As usual, Juliette set a new record for longest distance walked. Bernard, watching in horror, yells, “She knows!” and dashes to turn off the system. There’s something the others have that he doesn’t and can’t have. Is it only in your head? A study of human behavior? Does the outside actually consist of an inhospitable wasteland, or are there additional secrets that, if revealed, might cause widespread unrest?

When Bernard turns on the light, Juliette sees an endless wasteland, just like the one she saw from the silo. Most surprisingly, she climbs a hill and discovers that there are more silos surrounding her. Maybe the desert is real and the idyllic setting is a mirage. So, explain all the secrecy.

Silo Episodes

There are a total of 10 episodes in the series Silo, which are as follows:

  • Episode 01: “Freedom Day”
  • Episode 02: “Holston’s Pick”
  • Episode 03: “Machines”
  • Episode 04: “Truth”
  • Episode 05: “The Janitor’s Boy”
  • Episode 06: “The Relic”
  • Episode 07: “The Flamekeepers”
  • Episode 08: “Hanna”
  • Episode 09: “The Getaway”
  • Episode 10: “Outside”

Silo Review

It’s not simple to make a captivating mystery box. If the answers aren’t very excellent, or if they’re given out too soon, the audience will lose interest and the story will lose its initial appeal and fascination. Similar to how dragging out a mystery for too long benefits no one, it causes viewers to lose interest and only watch when they absolutely have to.

The first book, Wool, is adapted into AppleTV’s newest thriller, Silo, which makes a few minor alterations but stays mostly loyal to the original. It’s plain to see. The series is expertly crafted, capitalizing on the appeal of mystery dramas with vivid settings and complex characters that are never fully revealed.

However, there are some sluggish moments, especially in the show’s middle act. A few storyline inconsistencies with the security squad, especially after a major reveal halfway through the episode, are a touch disappointing, and there are entire sequences that simply could have been condensed down. These criticisms, however, are nitpicks and in no way diminish the overall experience.

Silo Rating

According to review aggregate Rotten Tomatoes, the film was approved by 88% of critics and has an average score of 7.5/10 from those critics (out of a possible 10). Twenty critics were used to calculate a weighted average score for the film, and that number was 75 out of 100, denoting “generally favorable reviews” on Metacritic.

Silo: Will there be Season 2?

Despite the extended delay in development, June 2018 saw the announcement of Silo Season 2. In a statement, Apple TV Plus’s president of programming Matt Cherniss said the streaming service has always supported the show.

As a result, it’s clear that translating the books for more than one season was always a possibility, with viewership numbers just needing to be high enough to justify the investment. Hugh Howey, the show’s creator Graham Yost, star Rebecca Ferguson, and director Morten Tyldum are all expected to return as executive producers for season 2.

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