Where to watch ‘Servant’ Season 4?

The very first trailer for the renowned psychological thriller Servant’s final season has been released on Apple TV+. The 10-episode fourth and final season of “Servant,” from executive producer M. Night Shyamalan, will premiere on Friday, January 13, 2023. Thereafter, one new episode will air every Friday until March 17, 2023, on Apple TV+.

Season four will bring the last episode of the Turner saga to a grand and dramatic finish after the suspenseful season three finale. Spruce Street, Philadelphia, and other areas are impacted by the escalating battle Leanne is having with the Church of the Lesser Saints.

In the meanwhile, the disintegrated Turner family must contend with both Dorothy’s impending waking and Leanne’s mounting menace. Concerns concerning Leanne Grayson and the infant in their home are eventually allayed when the brownstone of the Turner family collapses.

‘Servant’ Season 4

M. Night Shyamalan is a charismatic personality and a legendary filmmaker with three decades of experience in the entertainment business. While Shyamalan’s first works trace back to 1992, 1999 would be the year of his greatest success.

It was in this year that his film The Sixth Sense received favorable reviews. But for Shyamalan, this was only the beginning. After the Sixth Sense, he went on to create more outstanding films including Unbreakable Signs, Lady in the Water, Split, and Glass, solidifying his reputation as a filmmaker.

The fourth season of M. Night Shyamalan’s Servant has finally arrived after a long wait. Since it was announced, the series fans have been anxiously awaiting the next season. Now that we are aware of it, it is almost here. Here is all the information you need.

A psychological horror series called “Servant” will shortly return for its last season on Apple TV. Lauren Ambrose and Toby Kebbell are the series’ lead actors. Tony Basgallop and M. Night Shyamalan served as executive producers.

Sean and Dorothy Turner, a Philadelphia couple whose lives are upended by the loss of their child, are the center of the television series. The last episode of the Turner saga will reach its grand and moving climax in Season 4. According to Apple Tv+’s summary, “The Turner family must identify the youngster residing in their home.”

‘Servant’ Season 4 Cast

View the season 4 cast possibility here.

  • Dorothy Turner is played by Lauren Ambrose
  • Sean Turner played by Toby Kebbell
  • Leanne Grayson is played by Nell Tiger Free
  • Julian Pearce, played by Rupert Grint
  • Baby Jericho played by Jack and James Hoogerwerff
  • Matthew Roscoe, played by Phillip James Brannon
  • Tobe is portrayed by Tony Revolori
  • Veera is played by Sunita Mani
  • Frank Pearce is portrayed by Todd Waring
  • Aunt May Markhem is played by Alison Elliott

Where to Watch ‘Servant’ Season 4?

The only way to watch Servant, an Apple TV Plus original series, is to have an Apple TV Plus subscription.

‘Servant’ Season 4 Plot

From Apple TV Plus, this is the official Servant season 4 plot:

“Season four concludes the Turner saga epically and movingly, building on the cliffhanger season three climax. Leanne’s conflict with the Church of Lesser Saints intensifies, endangering Spruce Street, Philadelphia, and other areas.

The fragmented Turner family is forced to deal with Dorothy’s impending awakening as well as Leanne’s growing danger. Questions like “Who is Leanne Grayson” and “Who is the kid in their house” are ultimately clarified as the Turner family brownstone starts to unravel.”

Little is currently known about season 4’s storyline. Regardless, Season 4’s storyline is still a secret. Even so, it’s possible that the future season’s story may continue where season three left off. Tensions are at an all-time high for those who are acquainted with Servant. The Turners are in a tough position right now.

Furthermore, given that this could be the series’ last season, we anticipate that the program will close without any cliffhangers and put an end to all of our questions and concerns.

An extremely rich Philadelphian couple employs a nanny to take proper care of their “baby,” which is the focus of the story’s narrative. When Dorothy and Sean Turner learn they are expecting a baby boy, they are overjoyed. However, 13 weeks later, the baby dies, which hurts Dorothy’s mental health.

After entering treatment, the couple is gifted a reborn baby named Jericho, who helps Dorothy come to terms with the death of their son. After some time, they employ Leanne, the nanny, to assist them in caring for the doll since Dorothy thinks it’s their actual kid. Sean has second thoughts about Leanne as a result of several enigmatic events that have occurred since she was hired.

‘Servant’ Season 4 Trailer

The continuous terrorization of the Turners is shown in the first Servant season 4 teaser, which was revealed by Apple TV Plus.

The trailer, which can be seen above, mostly consists of sequences from Servant’s first three seasons as the streamer invites viewers to “relive” every twist and turn thus far. Those who have been following the series will instantly notice this. Unfortunately, there is some new video towards the conclusion, and while it gives us very little plot-wise, the graphics are appropriately creepy.

‘Servant’ Season 4 Review

Servant, which consists of ten episodes, continues where the last season ended. After falling off the balcony, Dorothy is unable to get out of bed, and Sean, playing the role of Gordon Ramsay in his cookery program, has just begun to thrive professionally. Leanne, who is more central to the plot of the program than ever before, has Julian completely ensnared.

Episode 8 stands out from the whole season, although the action picks up in the last few episodes. Regrettably, the remainder of the program fails to match the flawless pacing of this 30-minute part, which expertly combines action, shocking revelations, horror, and drama.

Servant maintains its high standard of manufacturing design and overall attractiveness. An excellent mood-setter is the well-known minor-string theme tune, and the unsettling extreme close-ups—currently a favorite of Shyamalan’s—do a fantastic job of building tension. A beautiful “angel” and “devil” scene, set unusually, occurs in the second-to-last episode.

Season 4 of Servant ends on a sloppy note, with a final hammer strike that tries too hard to make an impression without really breaking the horror genre’s rules or becoming a breakout star.


I can reassure you that the series is fairly decent if you haven’t seen it before and are unsure about its calibre. The program has a decent IMDb rating of 7.5/10 and an 85% critics’ approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes. I would highly recommend this program. Check out what reviewers before you had to say regarding it if you’re still unsure about watching it.

Blinding Edge and Escape Artists Production are the producers of “Servant.” Servant’s first season appeared on Apple Tv+ in November 2019, while the second and third seasons followed in January 2021 and 2022, respectively. Before the start of the third season, the fourth season was extended in December 2021. Each season consists of 10 episodes.

M. Night Shyamalan is the Servant’s showrunner in addition to executive producing the series. The supernatural genre is well-known for the works of M. Night Shyamalan. The Sixth Sense, The Visit, Split, Glass, and Old are a few of his well-known works.

‘Servant’ is an Apple TV Plus original series, thus you can only view it if you have a membership to Apple TV Plus.

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