Where to Watch Princess Power Season 2?

The eagerly awaited second season of the Princess Power series is about to take off, so brace yourself for another magical journey! Netflix has renewed the program, so viewers are in for a wonderful surprise.

Follow Kira Kiwi, Beatrice Blueberry, Rita Raspberry, and Penelope Pineapple—four courageous princesses—as they demonstrate the magic of friendship and teamwork in their enthralling Fruitdoms.

This riveting series is great for kids and even those with a younger audience, so it’s fun to watch regardless of age. Get ready to be enchanted by a magical realm where princesses in trousers teach us important life lessons and share adorable tales!

Where to watch Princess Power Season 2?

A group of four fruit-loving princesses—Blueberry, Kiwi, Pineapple, and Raspberry—band together to tackle global issues in the second season of the animated series Princess Power.

You can watch Princess Power Season 2 on Netflix. Subscriptions to this well-liked streaming service provide users access to an extensive library of films, television series, and original material.

About Princess Power

The children’s book that became a New York Times bestseller served as the inspiration for Princess Power. The first episode of season 1 debuted on January 30, 2023, and it was produced by Atomic Cartoons and Drew Barrymore’s Flower Films. Season 1 saw the princesses take on a number of courageous missions, such as helping a blind child coach her football team and rescuing a beached whale.

Princess Power Story

The four princesses use their whimsy to solve issues for the people in their lives and the “fruitdoms” of their “fruitdoms” in every episode of Princess Power. They often sing songs about being honest and working together as they help.


Princess Power Cast

  • Dana Heath as Kira Kiwi
  • Madison Calderon as Beatrice “Bea” Gertrude Ingeborg Blueberry
  • Trinity Jo-Li Bliss as Rita Raspberry
  • Luna Bella Zamora as Penelope “Penny” Pineapple
  • Alanna Ubach as Miss Fussywiggles
  • Rita Moreno as Great Aunt Bussyboots
  • Andrew Rannells as King Barton
  • Jenna Ushkowitz as Queen Ryung
  • Ian Loh as Joon
  • Tan France as Sir Benedict
  • Micaiah Chen as Ara
  • Eric Bauza as Seung
  • Ciera Payton as Queen Katia
  • Anairis Quiñones as Karina
  • Antonio Raul Corbo as Felipe
  • Isabella Russo as Sena
  • Jermaine Fowler as Kaue

Princess Power Season 2 Plot

The second season of Princess Power follows four young princesses as they go on magical journeys full of touching emotions and mesmerizing music. They help the lovely “Frutizens” living in their lively “Fruitdoms” and their loved ones by using their unique talents and charming personalities.

They bring happiness and peace wherever they go with their endearingly creative problem-solving ways. The fascinating world of the princesses is brought to life via their musical songs, which motivate audiences of all ages with themes of self-authenticity and togetherness.

Princess Power Season 2 Episodes

The number of episodes in Princess Power Season 2 and when they will be released are questions that viewers have.

Season 2 of Princess Power consists of 20 episodes. The first season, written and directed by Elise Allen, debuted on Netflix on January 30, 2023, and included fourteen episodes. The second season debuted on October 23, 2023, and all twenty episodes were released simultaneously.

  • Episode 01: The Princesses and the Frosty Fruitdom Fiasco
  • Episode 02: Practice Makes Princess
  • Episode 03: Princess Farmers’ Market
  • Episode 04: The Princesses Get a Roommate
  • Episode 05: The Princess’ Speech
  • Episode 06: Princess Suggestion Box
  • Episode 07: The Missing Princess
  • Episode 08: Princess All-Nighter
  • Episode 09: Little Shop of Princess Horrors
  • Episode 10: Princess Surprise Party
  • Episode 11: I Dig Being a Princess
  • Episode 12: The Princess Crown Cover Up
  • Episode 13: Princess Processional Professional
  • Episode 14: How to Be a Princess
  • Episode 15: Princess Bon Voyage
  • Episode 16: The Perfect Princess Welcome
  • Episode 17: Fussy and Scrumples’ Princess Adventure
  • Episode 18: Princess Donation Distress
  • Episode 19: Busyboots and the Four Princesses
  • Episode 20: Princess Freaky Fruit-Day

Princess Power Season 2 Age Rating

All youngsters, especially those as young as two or six years old, may enjoy Princess Power since it has a TV-Y rating.


In conclusion, viewers can look forward to a charming storyline, mesmerizing music, and beloved characters in Princess Power Season 2. Exciting adventures and an examination of inner power are in store for viewers as the release date approaches.

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