Where to watch Hijack Season 1?

If you’re worried about your summer vacation flights, you may want to avoid watching Apple TV Plus. Have no fear, however; Idris Elba, who plays Luther’s hero, is no stranger to taking on infamous villains in other thrillers. In Hijack, he must act quickly to avoid carnage.

In the seven-part series, which he also produces, Idris Elba portrays the role of Sam Nelson, a skilled commercial negotiator. On the other hand, he must use his abilities to rescue his fellow passengers from an aircraft hijacked seven hours into their journey to London.

Zahra Gahfoor, played by Blindspot’s Archie Panjabi, is a counter-terrorism officer who joins the inquiry while attempting to handle things on the ground. As the passengers endure their seven-hour torture, the narrative unfolds in real-time.

Where to watch Hijack Season 1?

If you are wondering where you can get Hijack Season 1 online, you have come to the perfect place. Apple TV Plus is where you can see the first season of Hijack. Seven episodes made up Season 1, which premiered from June 28th to August 2nd, 2023.

Hijack Plot

As the events of Hijack play out in real-time, viewers may brace themselves for a nail-biting storyline. As it tracks the terrifying path of a hijacked jet as it flies seven hours to London, the suspenseful film keeps you on the tip of your seat.

Authorities on the ground are racing against the clock to find solutions to this complicated and hazardous issue, and the strain is mounting with every passing minute. In this high-stakes drama, viewers will be enthralled in the race against time to recover control and save everyone on board as their lives hang in the balance.

Hijack Cast

  • Idris Elba as Sam Nelson
  • Neil Maskell as Stuart Atterton / Gerald Taylor
  • Archie Panjabi as DCI Zahra Gahfoor
  • Max Beesley as DI Daniel O’Farrel
  • Christine Adams as Marsha Smith-Nelson
  • Eve Myles as Alice Sinclair
  • Ben Miles as Captain Robin Allen
  • Zora Bishop as Deevia Khan
  • Jeremy Ang Jones as Arthur
  • Kate Phillips as Collette Fisher
  • Hattie Morahan as Louise Aitchison
  • Neil Stuke as Neil Walsh
  • Kaisa Hammarlund as Anna Kovacs
  • Jasper Britton as Terry Reid / Marcus Sutton
  • Jack McMullen as Lewis Atterton / Ryan Cunningham
  • Aimée Kelly as Jamie Constantinou / Bella Cunningham
  • Mohamed Elsandel as Jaden Dahir / Alexander Kier
  • Simon McBurney as Edgar Janssen

Hijack Creators

Jim Field Smith (Criminal, Truth Seekers) and George Kay (Criminal) are the minds behind Hijack; Smith also serves as the show’s principal writer and director. The star of the thriller, Idris Elba, who has won SAG Awards and been nominated for Emmys, is also serving as an executive producer.

This is the first series to come out of Elba’s first-look deal with Apple TV+ and Green Door Pictures. It’s produced by 60Forty Films, which was founded by Emmy Award-winning Executive Producers Jamie Laurenson and Hakan Kousetta (Slow Horses, The Essex Serpent), in conjunction with Kay and Field-Smith’s own production company, Idiotlamp Productions. 60Forty Films also has an exclusive content deal with Apple TV+.

Hijack Trailer

Sam Nelson, a commercial negotiator, embarks on a very emotional and high-stakes trip in this teaser for Hijack. He boards the plain plane as if it were going to be a routine journey, but he’s rather anxious to get home. A bunch of masked men take over the jet, however, and the trip takes a perilous turn.

Horrific hijackers subject helpless passengers of all ages to coercion, remove all means of communication that may enable them to call for assistance and abandon them to their fate. As panic sets in, Sam tries to summon his negotiating abilities and grasp the gravity of the situation. As the carnage ensues, Sam rallies the passengers to ensure their safety from the clutches of the renegade criminals.

Hijack Review

Hijack deftly steers clear of any too-dramatic moments in its gameplay. Rather, the show’s business is driven by a real-time framework. Throughout the seven hours in the air, each episode lives independently.

Furthermore, audience engagement is much better due to the lack of a break between episodes. The callback effect is still there, even if some episodes are better than others. The reason is, we aren’t establishing a climax in this show’s framework. Hijack keeps you on the edge of your seat the whole way through, although you know how the aircraft and the hijacking will finish.

The plot of Hijacking was somewhat let down by the way the actions on the ground were shown. They seemed somewhat empty in comparison to the aerial scenery. More than anything else, it served as fuel for the airborne revelry.

These minor issues aside, Hijack is an ambitious and well-structured artistic endeavor that aims to captivate its audience. In today’s over-the-top (OTT) adverse, first-rate family entertainment is hard to come by, but Hijack offers just that.

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