Where to Watch Guilt Season 3?

Brotherly duo Max and Jake McCall are in deep danger (and more, as this sneak peek shows!) in the upcoming third season of Guilt. once again. Max and Jake were seen desperately attempting to conceal their tracks in the 2019 premiere of the BBC Scotland and BBC Two drama, which took place after a wedding when they accidentally drove over and killed an old man on their way home.

Season 2 of Guilt premiered in 2021 and followed Max as he attempted to rebuild his life after serving his sentence while becoming further entangled with the Lynch criminal family. After escaping the Lynch family and starting over in Chicago in series two, Max and Jake still have a last chapter to go, and it involves the dysfunctional brothers being dragged back to Edinburgh.

Where to watch Guilt Season 3?

In the United Kingdom, you can watch all four episodes of Guilt’s third season on BBC iPlayer right now for free. In the United States, PBS Masterpiece is expected to premiere Season 3 later this year.

A virtual private network (VPN) is essential if you are currently traveling and are unable to access BBC iPlayer. In certain regions of the globe, geo-blocking makes it impossible to access live streams of Guilt season 3. This will let you bypass such restrictions.

Guilt Season 3 Cast

Mark Bonnar (The Rig, Unforgotten) and Jamie Sives (Chornobyl, Game of Thrones) reprise their roles as brothers Max and Jake, respectively, in the third and final installment of the series.

There are a lot of new and old characters joining this series since, in the last season, the brothers will face off against both new and old opponents.

David Hayman, Amelia Isaac Jones, Tamsin Topolski, Isaura Barbé-Brown, Euan MacNaughton, Anita Vettesse, Vigil, and Anders Hayward are all joining Bonnar and Sives. The cast also includes Euan MacNaughton from Outlander and Bridgerton, Barbé-Brown from The Gold and Toast of Tinseltown, and Hayward from Life After Life.

Phyllis Logan (Downtown Abbey, Intergalactic), Greg McHugh (The A-List, Man vs. Bee), Ellie Haddington (Motherland, Crime), Sara Vickers (The Watchmen, The Crown), and Henry Pettigrew (Payback, The Crown) are among the returning cast members. Emun Elliott (The Gold, The Rig) is also a fan favorite.

Guilt Season 3 Plot

Mark Bonnar and Jamie Sives return for one more season of the Scottish thriller Guilt as brothers Jake and Max, who are traveling home after a wedding when they murder an elderly man. Are they doomed by their guilt?

The third season delves more into Max and Jake’s tumultuous history, exposing fresh mysteries that may jeopardize their aspirations for an “ordinary” existence. Phyllis Logan, who portrays the merciless wife Maggie Lynch on Downton Abbey, will join Bonnar and Sives in this ensemble cast.

The first episode opens with Max and Jake’s Chicago tavern collapsing into financial collapse and Skye’s failed attempt to frighten Danny and his gang. At the same time that Teddy is overseeing a cannabis farm, Sir Jim Sturrock is launching a community facility in Leith.

U.K. residents may watch all four episodes of Guilt’s third season on BBC iPlayer at this very moment. If you follow our instructions, you may watch Guilt season 3 online for free, no matter where you are.

Guilt Season 3 Episodes

New episodes of Guilt consist of four episodes. They ran weekly on BBC Two, and you could see every episode on BBC iPlayer before it aired.

Guilt Season 3 Trailer

Greetings, Guilt enthusiasts! In a tumultuous preview for the show’s last season, the BBC questions whether brothers Max (Mark Bonnar) and Jake (Jamie Sives) would be able to escape “unscathed” from the repercussions of their acts.

(Max and Jake are back and seeking atonement,” the trailer’s narrator adds. Who will survive this highly acclaimed drama’s last chapter unscathed? A police officer shouts, “Gun sighted!” at the close of the chaotic 30-second teaser.

Then, the show’s title appears, and we hear a gunshot, which might mean that one of the main characters dies after the series.

Guilt Season 3 Review

Stunningly, the writers of Guilt avoid cliches and predictability in their plot-twist thrillers about crime, class, and family. They have a keen sense of location, which makes them both humorous and political—just like humans.

The storyline in season three is jaw-dropping—a fantastic network of tales that all come together to form a grand robbery scheme and provide an endless stream of shocking developments and suspense. Everything fits together like a well-choreographed dance: everyone has an angle, everyone has a strategy, and no one knows who to trust.

With the dramatic settings and spectacular staging put on by Happy Valley director Patrick Harkins and his crew, the narrative takes on an air of grandeur and significance befitting its massive monologues in the last four episodes.

The city streets, a Lochside home, a grand bank, a Leith estate, and vast industrial surroundings all seem magnificent, ominous, and suitable for this well-spoken tale. You witness it all in Guilt.

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