Where to Watch FUBAR Series?

Arnold Schwarzenegger has acquired a fortune from the box office and gained a reputation as a worldwide movie star, so now he’s looking to the next big thing: online television. It may be hard for some of “The Governator” actor’s fans to believe, but throughout his whole fifty-year career, Schwarzenegger has never played a significant role in a series on TV. That is, until today.

Together with Netflix, Schwarzenegger is developing FUBAR, a brand-new super spy series that will mark the actor’s comedic comeback to the action genre. Schwarzenegger plays a CIA agent whose retirement is threatened when he is assigned a mission that threatens his family’s safety.

FUBAR is one of the most eagerly awaited new action series of the year, thanks to its exciting cast and creative team, who will be accompanying Arnold on his latest journey. Here is all we know about FUBAR, the Netflix original that may become the streaming service’s next big success.

Where to watch FUBAR?

On May 25, 2023, at 3:00 AM ET, FUBAR debuted on Netflix.


For a long time, both Luke Brunner and his daughter Emma have been lying to each other, believing that the other is not a CIA agent. When they find out the truth, they both discover how little they really know about one another. Their superiors insist that they work together on risky missions, which causes friction between the two of them because of Luke’s tendency to treat Emma like a kid and his worry for her well-being.


Schwarzenegger adds his acting abilities to FUBAR, which represents his first significant TV series appearance. Although the legendary actor is most known for his appearances in films like The Terminator and Conan the Barbarian, as well as more recent fare like Collateral Damage and The Expendables, he has a lengthy list of other credits to his name.

He plays the primary role of nearly-retired CIA agent Luke Brunner, who must work alongside his daughter as partners despite just recently discovering that she, too, is an operative. Appearing as his daughter Emma is Monica Barbaro, who has had prominent parts in UnREAL, Chicago Justice, and The Good Cop.

Here is the complete list of actors in FUBAR:

  • Arnold Schwarzenegger as Luke Brunner
  • Monica Barbaro as Emma Brunner
  • Jay Baruchel as Carter
  • Andy Buckley as Donnie
  • Milan Carter as Barry
  • Aparna Brielle as Tina
  • Fortune Feimster as Ruth ‘Roo’
  • Travis Van Winkle as Aldon
  • Devon Bostick as Oscar
  • David Chinchilla as Cain Khan
  • Barbara Eve Harris as Dot
  • Gabriel Luna as Boro
  • Fabiana Udenio as Tally Brunner
  • Scott Thompson as Dr. Louis Pfeffer
  • Adam Pally as the Great Dane
  • Rachel Lynch as Romi
  • Stephanie Sy as Sandy

FUBAR Ending

Everyone at the CIA thought Boro was dead, but his body was nowhere to be recovered after the blast. A few times later, however, Boro’s soldiers staged a stunning assault on Tally and Donnie’s wedding.

Boro showed up at the scene, pistol aimed at Tally’s head, after Luke and Emma had successfully beaten them off. He appeared to have a half-disfigured visage as a consequence of the terrible blast. His eyes burned with a desire for vengeance, first and foremost against Emma and then Luke.

To save Tally’s life, he then asks Emma and her father, Luke, to murder each other. The couple decided to do it, but at that point, Luke gave Tally a clue, and she went on to stab Boro’s leg with Luke’s medal. After Tally escaped Boro’s grasp, he was an easy target for Emma and Luke’s gunfire. They took out their guns and killed Boro.

They were able to track down and kill Boro by the conclusion of the series. But now that their identities as CIA operatives have been revealed, their whole family is in grave danger.

FUBAR Trailer

On February 27th, 2023, Netflix published the first teaser trailer for FUBAR, and it lived up to the name. The debut trailer for FUBAR lasts less than thirty seconds, yet it’s packed with details that immediately bring to mind Arnold Schwarzenegger. Shooting guns, lighting Stogie cigars on fire, and

On April 19, the official FUBAR trailer in its entirety was made available online. In it, Arnie tries to win back his wife by rescuing an agent known only as “Panda,” who turns out to be his own daughter. From there, chaos ensues as the two are thrown together to rescue the planet, but it seems that they may really work well together.

FUBAR Review

The challenges faced by an action-comedy drama are substantial: it must successfully combine thrilling action sequences, comedic moments, and dramatic plot twists. FUBAR, starring Arnold Schwarzenegger in his debut TV series appearance, aims for all of these elements but ultimately depends too much on his presence.

You won’t be caught up in FUBAR, and you won’t feel compelled to watch it all in one sitting. Instead, it’s the kind of show you have on in the background while you’re doing something else, and you only sometimes chuckle because you catch a joke.

In the series, Schwarzenegger proves to be rather humorous as the overbearing father who doesn’t approve of Emma’s boyfriend Carter (Jay Baruchel), and who has an endearing sense of teamwork with his little CIA unit. Fortune Feimster’s portrayal of the unassuming Roo is one of the series’ bright spots. Roo’s quick wit and seamless comedy are the sort you wish were more prevalent throughout FUBAR.

FUBAR Episodes

There are eight episodes of Fubar. Fubar is just the right length at eight episodes, neither too lengthy nor too short.

  • Episode 01: “Take Your Daughter to Work Day”
  • Episode 02: “Stole Train”
  • Episode 03: “Honeyplot”
  • Episode 04: “Armed and Dangerous”
  • Episode 05: “Here Today, Gone to Marrow”
  • Episode 06: “Royally Flushed”
  • Episode 07: “Urine Luck”
  • Episode 08: “That’s It, And That’s All”

FUBAR Rating

According to review aggregate Rotten Tomatoes, the film has a 51% approval rating with an average score of 5.4/10 from critics. It received a Metacritic score of 48 out of 100, which indicates “mixed or average reviews” based on the opinions of 25 reviewers.

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