Where to Watch Classroom for Heroes Anime?

The anime series Classroom for Heroes takes a fresh approach to the “hero academy” formula. Since the strongest hero goes to college as an average student, our hero has taken a bold move to make friends with “regular guys” by enrolling in college as an ordinary student.

Actas Studio just announced that they are adapting the famous graphic book Classroom for Heroes into an anime. In addition, the first official series picture has been revealed. This is all the information you need about it.

In January of 2015, Classroom for Heroes made its debut, in case you somehow missed it. Two main characters go on a journey through a magical realm as they learn to be heroes in this fantasy series published by Shueisha.

Shin Araki and Haruyuki Morisawa’s “Classroom for Heroes” had its start as a light novel. Published by Shueisha under their Dash X Bunko light novel imprint, the first volume came out in 2015. The book by Koara Kishida was adapted into manga and released that year by Shueisha in their Ultra Jump magazine.

Where to watch Classroom for Heroes?

The first season of Classroom for Heroes is streaming on Crunchyroll. Many people consider the American streaming service to be the best place to watch all the major anime series. The site has several legendary animated shows, such as Naruto, One Piece, Attack on Titan, and many more.

Classroom for Heroes Plot

In Classroom for Heroes, players take on the role of heroes who rise to the challenge and vanquish a demon lord that plagues their world. The hero’s actions bring an end to the lord’s tyranny. In his quest to build an elite hero army capable of conquering the globe, the hero founded Rosewood Academy, which admits only the brightest and finest.

A girl named Arnest Flaming becomes the Empress of Flames, Hon no Kg, because she is a top student at the school and has a strong sense of responsibility. Next, she meets Blade, a carefree new transfer student and a kid who seems to be on par with her in terms of power—something that annoys her.

The storyline thickens with intrigue, action, and humor as the novel goes on. The anime follows the kids, similar to My Hero Academia, as they train to be the greatest heroes the world has ever seen.

Classroom for Heroes Cast

  • Blade Voiced by: Reiji Kawashima
  • Earnest Flaming Voiced by: Misuzu Yamada
  • Sophie Voiced by: Nao Tōyama
  • Cú Chulainn Voiced by: Hina Kino
  • Claire Voiced by: Eri Yukimura
  • Yessica Voiced by: Haruka Shiraishi
  • Maria Voiced by: Sarah Emi Bridcutt
  • Iona Voiced by: Aya Uchida
  • Clay Voiced by: Shūichi Uchida
  • Kassim Voiced by: Tomohiro Ōno
  • Leonard Voiced by: Tomohito Takatsuka
  • Eliza Voiced by: Konomi Kohara
  • King Gilgamesh Soulmaker Voiced by: Rikiya Koyama
  • Asmodeus Voiced by: Tetsu Inada
  • Une Voiced by: Kanna Nakamura
  • Deux Voiced by: Natsumi Takamori
  • Trois Voiced by: Yoshino Aoyama
  • Quatre Voiced by: Saya Aizawa
  • Cinque Voiced by: Nene Hieda

Classroom for Heroes Creators

With Keiichiro Kawaguchi at the helm, Actas is producing Classroom for Heroes. Naoki Hayashi penned the screenplay, Ksuke Kawamura created the characters, and Ktar Nakagawa composed the score. It would seem that the anime’s production staff is stacked with top talent.

Classroom for Heroes Trailer

On Wednesday, March 22, 2023, the first trailer for the new series Classroom for Heroes was posted on the official website. The makers of the almost two-minute film took care to show a little of the fantastical universe that Shin Araki’s Eiyu Kyoshitsu light novel is based on.

An announcement on the anime’s release window was made via the promotional chip. The show is scheduled to air in July 2023 as part of the Summer Anime Season. As a result, the premiere is rapidly approaching, and the fans couldn’t be happier.

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