Avatar 2 To Include Underwater Filming

Avatar 2 To Include Underwater Filming

The sequel of live-action fantastic movie Avatar is on hold due to the effect of coronavirus. But, the director James Cameron is still working on making developments for the movie. As Avatar was a great movie, Everyone is looking forward to its sequel. So, the production team is working really hard on the project. Not only Avatar 2, but even the loss also ends up with more sequels of Avatar.

Underwater Filming for Avatar 2:

According to some of the pictures shared on social media, fans got to know that some of the aspects of the sequel are getting shot underwater. The hardcore fans and even the normal viewers seem so excited for underwater filming.

In one of the pictures that were shared by the official account of Avatar, director James could be seen providing his direction to the actors on the set, and the set background was aquatic. The ground-breaking scenes could also be seen, and those scenes were shot with the help of inflatable balls. After watching this scene, viewers felt it like watching Avatar trailer once again. We can expect our favorite Avatar sequel anytime in December 2020, but there is no official assurance about that. Currently, the movie is on hold for an indefinite time due to the pandemic situation of coronavirus. So, currently, we don’t know when it can be released and would be able to watch.

Why the sequel is taking so much time?

The sequel of Avatar is taking much time as the team is busy not only with one but even more sequels of the same franchise. It means there is a lot to look forward to when it comes to the Avatar franchise. The reason for the delay can also be attributed to Star Wars, as there are three brand new films about to come.

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