Where to Watch Analog Squad Season 1?

Looking for a place to stream the first season of Analog Squad online? Streaming information is at your fingertips. On December 7, 2023, Netflix debuted Nithiwat Tharathorn’s Analog Squad, a Thai drama series. The show’s original idea was developed by Aummaraporn Phandintong, Nithiwat Tharathorn, and Sopana Chaowwiwatkul. Reconciling dysfunctional family members enlists a motley crew of misfits to play the roles of long-lost relatives.

Where to watch Analog Squad Season 1?

The first season of “Analog Squad” is now streaming on Netflix for anybody interested in giving it a try. Experience the ups and downs of the characters’ travels as you immerse yourself in the gripping plot on the platform. The show’s interesting premise and excellent actors have garnered good reviews.

Analog Squad Cast

  • Nopachai Chaiyanam as Pond
  • Namfon Kullanat Preeyawat as Lily
  • Wipawee Patnasiri as Bung
  • Kritsanapoom Pibulsonggram as Keg
  • Greg Garcia as Michael

Analog Squad Plot

Pond, a middle-aged guy, is at the core of Season 1’s storyline as he forms an unconventional family out of a varied mix of people. Pond wants to do something that would make his estranged father pleased one final time because he wants to be there for him when he dies. During the time frame of the plot, discovering someone’s real identity is not as easy.

Analog Squad Ending

Amidst a complex web of hidden agendas and unexpected relationships, the unconventional family formed in the Analog Squad series reunites to rejoice in Meg’s nuptials in the series’ moving finale. This unusual relationship provides comfort and a sense of belonging for the protagonists, who have all been wounded by the flaws in their biological families.

Bung offers her new stepbrother a cautious welcome after her sad revelation of her father’s secret existence. Despite her broken dreams of an ideal family, she understands that her father loved and protected her.

As a result of the catastrophe, Bung comes to a complicated and reluctant acceptance of her father’s imperfect humanity; she is divided between sympathy and betrayal. Through their ordeal, the Analog Squad learns the value of chosen families and how connections made in unlikely places can mend broken hearts and provide second chances.

In the meantime, Lily’s unexpected friends Pond, Kew, and Sodsai provide her with unfaltering support as she deals with the news that she has breast cancer. She finds real strength in the mask of her false family as she faces the difficulties of her condition.

Trapped by his turbulent background and devastated financially, Pond finds redemption via serendipitous encounters and makes up with his father, whom he had grown distant from. In the last chapters of Analog Squad, we see the strength of perseverance, forgiveness, and the bond formed through shared hardship.

The story comes to a touching close by showing how the Analog Squad members find acceptance and belonging through their common challenges and how genuine family goes beyond genetic connections.

Analog Squad Episodes

Eleven episodes make up the first season of Analog Squad. Here is the list of episodes:

  • Episode 1: “There’s no turning back”
  • Episode 2: “Let’s make a trip”
  • Episode 3: “Some kind of secrets”
  • Episode 4: “Thinking of you”
  • Episode 5: “Bonds and connections”
  • Episode 6: “On the way home”
  • Episode 7: “Classic”
  • Episode 8: “It goes on”

Analog Squad Trailer

You can watch the trailer below:

Analog Squad Review

When it comes to family dramas, the 2023 Thai show Analog Squad changes the game and sets a new benchmark. Although it boasts touching family moments, it fearlessly delves into changing relationships and the quick ascent of independence. As you’re enjoying a grin, it can turn into tears due to the flawless blending of genres.

Episodes follow a simple and, to a lesser extent, predictable plot, which gives the show its distinctive storytelling style. But then, just when you think you have everything figured out, something happens that throws everything into disarray.

An intriguing plot involving complex family dynamics unfolds throughout the play. It explores the complexities of lying, the path to self-improvement, and the value of genuine relationships. Namfon Kullanat and JJ Krissanapoom’s outstanding performances keep viewers engrossed and coming back for more because they give the series more emotional depth.



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