The Rain Season 3: Cast, Release Date, Trailer, Plot

The Rain Season 3: Cast, Release Date, Trailer, Plot

Famous Danish Series The Rain, Creators has been announced the Third Season of the Series. Netflix has renewed the streaming rights of The Rain series. So, Next season will be streaming on Netflix.

The Rain' Season 3
The Rain’ Season 3

The Second Season of the danish drama and post-apocalyptic show has released on May 2019.

The Rain Season 3:

Here, All information you will get about where the Rain Stops, I mean where it paused in the Second Season. Cast, Trailer, and Plot of Upcoming Season.

When will The Rain Season 3 release on Netflix? 

On June 2019, Netflix has announced that they will return with The Rain Season 3. According to announcement The Season 3 of The Rain is likely to release in early fall of 2020.

The pattern of previous two seasons was like, Season 1 released on May 2018 and Season 2 released on May 2019. So, If creators follow the same process, then they will release Season 3 on May 2020.

Netflix has confirmed the renewal news on the Facebook official page that they have renewed for next Season 3.

Fans are getting crazy about the next Season 3 release date. Let’s see the fans reaction on twitter.

The Rain Season 3 Cast:

Most of the characters are expected to return in the upcoming season. Major Characters such as Rasmus stars by Lucas Lynggaard Tonnesen and Simone stars by Alba August are confirmed their return.

Officials have announced that young survivors who featured in season one are expected to return in Season 3 also. The young survivors are Mikkel Folsgaard plays Matin, Lukas Lokken stars Patric, Sony Lindberg portrays Jean, and Johannes Bah Kuhnke plays Sten.

Jessica Dinnage, who plays the role of Lea, will not be featuring in Season 3. In Season 2, She sacrificed herself to save Simone.

How will the story be twisted In The Rain Season 3?

The main character of The Rain Season 3 is danish siblings Simone and Rasmus. Filming sets in Scandinavia. While rainfall, one virus is carried away through it and it harms almost all public. At that time, both siblings are sheltering in a bunker.

Six years later, they leave the shelter. They are hoping for the other victims and survivors. Now, They want another shelter or safe place to live, so they left the refuge in searching for them.

By the end of the season 2, Rasmus was caught up by the Apollon. It is the company which kicked off the rain apocalypse.

Though, The Story of Season 3 will be going through many tragedy and drama. The final episode of Season 2 revealed the truth of Sarah. She has a virus. So, That season 3 will be going around the ends that follow whether they stopped the virus or not. If not then the story will continue in Season 4.

Is The Rain Season 3 trailer released? 

No, The trailer is not released yet for The Rain Season 3. Only the cast is confirmed, and production work is about to start in the next few days.

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