Where to Watch Absolute Beginners?

Two Polish teenagers who are best friends encounter an exceptional young athlete during their vacation at the beach, where they want to make a film. Absolute Beginners is a romance drama series starring Martyna Byczkowska, Bartomiej Deklewa, and Jan Sasinski, and directed by Kamila Tarabura (Into the Night) and Katarzyna Warzecha (We Have One Heart). Tarabura, Nina Lewandowska (Into the Night), and Jdrzej Napiecek (The Last Tale About Earth) all contributed to its creation.

Where to watch Absolute Beginners?

The first season of Absolute Newbies can be seen on Netflix right now. Sign up using the Netflix app or website to get access to the program.

Absolute Beginners Cast

  • Martyna Byczkowska as Lena
  • Bartłomiej Deklewa as Niko
  • Jan Sałasiński as Igor
  • Paulina Krzyżańska as Malwina
  • Katarzyna Warnke as Tamara
  • Piotr Witkowski as Dawid
  • Anna Krotoska as Bogusia
  • Andrzej Konopka as Paweł
  • Julian Świeżewski as Marcin

Absolute Beginners Story

Lena and Niko have been best friends forever, spending every summer together at their families’ beach cottage. Lena has written a screenplay this year, and she and Niko want to spend the summer shooting it in order to submit it to their preferred film school. They meet Igor, a struggling basketball player with big-time aspirations, not long after they arrive for the season. Niko must face his conflicted emotions for Lena and Igor as the latter becomes an integral element of the sensual short film.

Absolute Beginners Ending

What happens with Lena, Niko, and Igor? The interactions between the characters are what drive the plot. Lena, motivated by her love of filmmaking and concerned about maintaining her connection with Niko, chooses to remove the contentious sequence from her film.

Niko and Igor’s relationship gets off to a good start thanks to her assistance in reestablishing contact with the two sons. They make plans to get to know each other better, while Lena keeps working toward her goal of becoming a filmmaker. The last moments of the performance emphasize growth and change.

Absolute Beginners Filming Locations

The action of the show occurs in a Polish resort city. Azy, ód, Sopot, Ustka, and Warsaw were used as filming locations.

Absolute Beginners Review

The plot of “Absolute Beginners” centers on two best friends, Lena and Niko, who embark on a journey of self-discovery over a summer by the sea in pursuit of their shared desire to make a film for their dream film school. Themes like young ambitions, complicated relationships, and the unforeseen turns life takes are all brilliantly explored in the series. It keeps a tone that’s both warm and reflective, making it enjoyable for viewers of all ages.

It would be an understatement to say that Martyna Byczkowska and Bartomiej Deklewa provide outstanding performances. They breathe life and genuineness into Lena and Niko, making us care for them deeply. Their connection is electric on screen, and their representation is the show’s emotional backbone.

Kamila Tarabura and Katarzyna Warzecha, the film’s directors, did an excellent job of conveying the mood of the seaside. The scenic location adds to the show’s visual appeal by acting as more than simply a background.

The music throughout the show is quite moving, and it adds to the intensity of the plot. It highlights the major turning points and captures the heart of the characters’ journeys. The soundtrack enhances the series’ emotional depth and works well with the seashore location.

A rare treasure among TV dramas, “Absolute Beginners” will appeal to audiences of all ages. It provides a novel take on the coming-of-age genre with its touching tale, stellar acting, and picturesque backdrop on the Polish coast. Life’s unexpected turns are what give it significance, and this series helps us remember the aspirations we once had, the people we shared them with, and those moments. If you want to take a nice and thoughtful trip through the tangled web of youth, love, and dreams, this film is for you.

Absolute Beginners Trailer

Fans are still left wanting more information on the series after the “Absolute Beginners” teaser was kept mysteriously under wraps. Even though we don’t know when the trailer will drop, the show is set to premiere in October, so we might get a sneak look sooner than we think. If you can’t wait for “Absolute Beginners,” you may get a taste of similarly engaging storytelling by watching “Emerging Talent” or “Fresh Faces,” two programs that have thematic resonances with “Absolute Beginners.”

Absolute Beginners Episodes

Season 1 of Absolute Beginners consists of six episodes. All six episodes of the first season were released simultaneously on Netflix on October 25, 2023. Each episode typically lasts about 45 minutes.


A charming Polish series, “Absolute Beginners” portrays the spirit of youth, aspirations, and relationships with remarkable acuity. It touches people of all ages because of its excellent acting, beautiful scenery, and introspective story. The emotional weight and accessible narrative make up for a few pace difficulties.

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