When Is Sense8 Season 3 Releasing On Netflix? Or Is The Show Cancelled?

Netflix did break many Fan’s Hearts When it dropped the Series “Sense 8” after 2 seasons. It also did Claim that even a Fan Campaign would not be able to change this Decision.

When Is Sense8 Season 3
When Is Sense8 Season 3

But then a Miracle Happened and Netflix did change its heart. So it commissioned a Feature-length Reunion Special to wrap the season and Story beautifully written by Wachowskis and J. Michael Straczynski.

That Heart-changing thing happened almost a year ago. Netflix has decided to come clean through vice president Cindy Holland. It Explains The Radio Time Why Sense 8 was canceled and also explained how it was revived again.

As a former Vice President of Netflix, Cindy Holland has decided to go on for a third season depending on the size of the Audience and Of course the Budget.

The Series just simply couldn’t stand against the high budget of producing the third season. The Series did not have enough viewers that will watch the series on Netflix. So Netflix has to cancel the next season of “Sense 8”.

She explained that At some point if you do not have enough viewership than you can not cop up with the costly budget and you need to wrap up the series.

Yet Cindy stated that Netflix is fully behind the Forthcoming series “Sense 8” as they want to provide the Die-Hard fans what they were craving for.

Sense 8 will have 2 hours of series Finale to end the Series on a good note. Because Cindy personally believes that Sense 8 plays a very important role in fan’s lives around the world.

Netflix has officially released the first look of this episode. To watch it Click Here.

Season 1 and 2 of “Sense 8” is streaming now on Netflix. Watch It Here.

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