What should girls do after getting a new iPhone13?

Hey girl, got a new iPhone13? Congrats. How does it feel to get a new brand iPhone? You have thought of many plans in your mind about your new iPhone. Now, you have got it, and now, the very first thing to do is get an attractive iPhone 13 cover for girl and tempered glass to protect the newly come device. You can find many lucrative girly iPhone covers in the market, so choose your desired one to match your style. 

Also, you will be curious about your new iPhone after unboxing it, just like what kinds of apps are there in it, how is its performance, and many other things that would have made you excited. After getting the new iPhone, you have become a lucky girl who would show off the phone to her friends. So, here, if you want to create a better understanding of the new iPhone, you need to explore it thoroughly.

For this purpose, we will discuss some necessary things to do with the iPhone after getting it, and these are as follows:

Become friendly with the iPhone: It must be your first step to becoming familiar with your new iPhone. Please have a look at all the apps carefully so that you can get enough understanding about them. Try to open them if you are new to any application. And the next yet most important step is to create an Apple ID if you are using iPhone first time. Then the second step is to sync all the contacts and your other messages. Here, you need to add all the details asked by the iPhone system in order to generate the Apple ID. For this purpose, you can choose an automatic setup, and this process is straightforward as anyone can do it by adding some steps.

Hence, this is the way you can befriend your new iPhone13. So, girls, get ready for it.

Customize the themes and lock screen: After creating an iPhone13 Apple Id, you can customize your wallpapers, themes, and lock screen. Even though you can not find more customization options in the iPhones, you can do the same with some available best options. Here, changing wallpapers is indispensable as you can change them according to your style. Also, you can find many girlish wallpapers here, so select the best type that suits your ensemble. 

Further, if you have yet to know how to change the wallpaper, you must look at the below steps:

  • Settings: You need to go to the settings of the iPhone13 to change the wallpaper.
  • Go on wallpaper: After reaching the setting, your next step should be to choose the wallpaper application. Here, you can find every type of wallpaper.
  • Select the wallpaper: After finding the option, you can choose your desired option. If you like pink color, you can select pinkish wallpaper whichever you want.

Additionally, you can also change the right one with the below steps:

  • You need to go on the setting options to open the ringtone application.
  • After finding the settings, you must select the sound options to search for the ringtones.
  • After getting into the sounds option, you can find a wide variety of different ringtones, and here, you choose the best one that suits your ensemble best.

You can customize many other things, like changing its keyboard, the styles of icons, and much more in the rows to make your iPhone according to your styles. This way, you can provide an iPhone with a girly touch and enjoy it accordingly.

Get the protector for your iPhone13:

Even though the newly launched iPhone13 is more sturdy and durable than the previous ones, you still need to protect it as it can get scratched after scrolling on the screen repeatedly. And the other main reason to protect the iPhone13 is when you keep it in your handbag or pocket, it may get different issues. So, you can save it with phone covers and screen protectors rather than get a new screen, as it is super expensive. In the market, you can find many iPhone13 covers in different colors, and you can choose accordingly as per your desires.

Time to get some accessories:

After everything you have done with your iPhone, now is the time to get some valuable accessories, including cables, adaptors, AirPods, power banks, and many more necessary accessories you can buy for your newly purchased iPhone13.

So, girls, make a list of your requirements and get them today to make your iPhone13 more attractive than others. This way, you can make envy your girl’s party and become a center of attraction.


So, if you are a lucky girl who has just got the iPhone13, you can adopt the above steps to get a different understanding of the phone and even make it more secure.  

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