5 Freelance Businesses to Think About This 2022

The economy is crumbling, and everyone needs an extra buck. Obviously, the politics combined with the pandemic that shows signs of stopping are doing a terrible disaster to common citizens, and now, everyone faces a lack of income.

If you’re trying to make more money by working on the side, you may be looking for an opportunity to give some extra earnings. Depending on what you’re skilled in, you have plenty of options, and you just need to pick the one that will be perfect for you.

In this article, we share a couple of options that you may be excellent for. Some require serious expertise; others are available for people without a day of education in the area. Keep reading and find out the most interesting freelance options for you in 2022.

1. Financial Planner

If you thought that all points would be IT-related, you’re wrong. When someone says freelance, there are so many jobs in various industries that they think about. One of them is finance. There’s always a lack of jobs in finance, and this industry is constantly searching for new employees.

If you’re skilled in finance and have a degree that shows you’re good with numbers, you may offer your services after the regular 9-5 job. You will provide advice and financial services to your clients, so they can make better investment decisions, pay taxes, etc.

2. Contractor

Working as a contractor is a dream job for many. What you’ve been learning through the years from your dad, you can now put to practice and become a millionaire if you work hard enough. A contractor is a person who handles the labor and material providing part of home development.

If you own a UTE, you’re already half-qualified for the job. Contractors need to carry all sorts of tools and materials in their vehicle to the location, so this is a must. It’s best to get yourself a toolbox from OZY, for example, and turn your vehicle into a mobile workshop.

3. Web Developer

Did you know that there are more than 26 million various software developers around the world today, but they still can’t get a hold of the workload that investors ask? There’s always work for web developers, and if you’re skilled in this, you need nothing more than your personal computer to continue working after the official working hours.

Log on to some of the many networks where freelancers look for jobs, write in your credentials, and look for a job. There’s work as much as you want to. If you’re skilled in something else and are not an experienced developer, you may spend a couple of months learning this craft and working on it as a side job.

4. SEO Expert

SEO is constantly growing, although many predicted it would start falling in trends after the first 5-10 years of existence. It’s still big, and more and more SEO experts are needed to help clients with their needs to appear higher on search engines.

The best part of SEO is that it is not hard labor. You can spend hours researching and bill it as hard work. Of course, you’ll need to devise a plan about how to grow your clients’ websites, but if you’re skilled enough, this will not be a problem for you.

SEO means optimizing websites for search engines, but an SEO expert means finding the best way to do it for particular clients and their pages. Not all pages are the same; in some industries, this is extremely easy, while it is impossible to meet the demands in others.

5. Uber Driver

Finally, a gig that you need no skills whatsoever, except to have a driver’s license. If you do and meet the needs that Uber or the other transportation companies ask for, you’re qualified to work as a driver after working hours.

You can bill around $25 per hour as an Uber driver. That means spending four hours after work driving around the city and taking passengers from one place to another can give you an additional $100 per day. Not bad for just driving your car around the city.


Working as a freelancer means spending a lot of time after work doing something else or the same thing you’ve been doing for eight hours on your regular job. Many people decide to live a life as freelancers and have no regular work relations, but this kind of life is not easy for many.

Never knowing what your income will be the next month, juggling through tasks and taking on more clients at once is not an easy thing to do for many. Others entirely enjoy it. They even become expats and work from other countries on their computers. Consider these options, see if you like them, and start your freelance career.

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