What music is better, that of 1999 or the current one? This ‘mashup’ from Camila Cabello will get you out of doubt

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Camila Cabello, in a file photo.

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We know: any past tense seems better to us. Especially if we look back and discuss music. With reggaeton officially becoming the most successful genre of the decade and with an age mature enough to talk about the subject, he was the presenter James corden who put this debate last Thursday on the table of his television program. Melancholic, he affirmed that the music of the year 1999 was, by far, the best that has been created in a long time. Perfect example was the one that the comedian put: ‘Trapped Genius’ of Christina Aguilera or ‘No Scrubs’ of TLC. A few words that made you react to Camila Cabello that appeared by surprise on the set and challenged him to a duel.

Thus, both figures mounted an vis improvised ’ mashup of songs belonging to 1999 in the case of Corden and 2019 when it was Camila's turn. The result of this battle is the best you'll see today.

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James chose to fear them of ‘Living The Crazy Life’ from Ricky Martin and ‘Smooth’ Santana, while Cabello opted for ‘Old Town Road’ from Lil Nas X and “If I Can’t Have You” from her boyfriend Shawn Mendes — evidently.

Once the song was over, Corden declared himself a loser to Cabello, but before ending this medley, they sang together the ‘whip’ par excellence of 2019, ‘Miss’. Ok, all very funny, but now we will not get these songs out of my head all day.

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