What kind of clothes to wear to seduce your female colleague?

Aesthetics has necessarily an impact on a woman’s sensuality. In fact, to best seduce a woman in the same service as you, it will depend on your style of dress. So, it is important to get clothes that make you feel confident in front of the colleague you covet so much. 

Choose outfits that are your size

When a man introduces himself to a woman, it is his clothes or style of dress that first attracts her attention. Appearance is important even on Jerkmate. If this is the case, the clothes that the man wears should enhance his body and size. Clothes that are too big to seduce a woman are not recommended. Fitted clothes are suitable for those who are tall. Muscular people should opt for tailored clothing to fit their bodies perfectly. If you are not muscular, you should not wear clothes that are too tight, but rather choose clothes that are fitted, not long and come down to the waist. For men with a little bit of hips, straight clothes will suit them. It will bring out their look anyway. Thin men need vertical and rounded clothes. 

Put on nice shoes

This tip may seem ridiculous, but it is useful, as a woman always throws herself at her suitor’s shoes. This is why it is essential to wear classy shoes. These will undoubtedly distinguish you and that testifies to what you keep well. It is not a question of wearing just any shoes. Even if they are not new, they should still be well maintained. Choose leather shoes, and don’t forget sneakers, which are not bad.   

Use good manners and good colours

Undoubtedly, the clothes to wear to seduce an office colleague must be of very good quality. In addition, you should not choose clothes that are too bright. On the contrary, choose dark colours. If you really want to seduce your colleague in the office or in the same department as you, choose dark clothes that reflect the elegance of the seducer. Dark coloured outfits are not too good for seducing a woman. Grey and brown are perfect for such occasions. 

Why not match the hair with your seductive clothing, it will work well. In any case, if your hair is light in colour, pastel shades accented with at least one colour of your clothing is ideal. For men with dark or brown hair, neutral tones are also attractive.  

Purchase a costume

To seduce a woman you care about, wearing a suit would be perfect. A suit can draw your conquest’s attention to you. No one can argue with the fact that a suit is an all-purpose seductive garment. Seducing a colleague in the same department or office is all about proving that you can take care of yourself. In your idea of buying clothes to seduce a woman, always look for perfection. In general, dressing well requires a lot of tact and attention to detail. When it is a matter of dressing to impress or to seduce a woman, it requires concentration and skill. You should therefore pay particular attention to your clothes before going to a party.

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