All You Need to Know About Taxes on Gambling Winnings

The rise of the gambling industry development can be seen increasing globally, even in Asia, with people pouring in by the day to make it their main method of earning. Gambling stands as one of the fastest ways to double your money overnight, with a high-risk and high reward for any user who plays.

However, even if you’re satisfied with your recent gambling run, you’ll be interested in casino-winning taxes which are deducted similar to payroll taxes, with regulations varying in every region of the world. Imagine winning a million dollars through wagering; only 30 percent of it has already been taken away by the government before you could lay eyes on it.

Europe and Gambling:

When it comes to the European Union, there’s no doubt we can see some of the most significant world economies, adding up to 16.4 trillion pounds. These economies also enjoy a healthy amount of betting from their residents. In 2020, there were over 97 billion bets/stakes-placed which returned over 168 billion in winnings to gamblers.

While already bathing in high GDPs, it’s not surprising that taxation of gambling winnings in the EU is the most lenient. The majority of the countries don’t tax the money you win, whether it is from online or in-person physical betting.

This relaxed tax structure allows the average gambler to enjoy their winnings and even pursue betting as a professional job. It also tinkers with the gambler’s mindset, forcing them to spend more to make more money in their sessions.

With the lack of tax rates, EU countries can focus on expanding their gambling market and building a structure where professional betting is not considered a luxury sport but rather a full-time job. This opens opportunities for both the wagerers and betting institutions. Gamblers get to keep more money and spend more, which pushes those funds into the region’s economies. And betting institutions benefit from receiving more income from gamblers who have incentives to spend more.

While it feels nice to know that there are regions supporting gamblers and going easy on taxing their winnings, it’s always better to be familiar with the specifics of the taxation laws of your area.

Things to Know About Paying Taxes in the UK and the US:

Not all regions within the EU are as relaxed with their taxes on wagers. Some countries in Europe, like Sweden, actually deduct income tax from your casino, which can rack up to a ton of bucks.

Gambling in the UK is relatively simple. You win your money, and you get all of it, whether it is online or physical, unless you are a professional better. However, if it is your only way of earning money, you are responsible for filing your tax document and paying the tax.

To help streamline the process of depositing money online for gambling in the UK and other European regions, there are companies such as Trustly. Their service, Pay n Play, allows players to make deposits instantly to online trustly casinos without the need to create an account. By using Pay n Play online to help them make bets, gamblers enjoy safety and security, the benefit of accessing their money quicker, and wide availability from several casinos and online stores. The only real downfall of Pay n Play is that it is only accessible to gamblers who live in Europe. These types of services provide European wagerers with safety and convenience so they can focus more on winning and less on how to get their money in the right place.

For the US, their process is a little more sophisticated than a simple tax form. Each state has a different tax percentage on winnings earned by gamblers. Regardless of whether you are a casual gambler or a professional one, you have to report everything you earn from casinos to the IRS in the US. There are also no limits to what needs to be reported. Everything from $5 to a million has to be correctly reported as income.


In conclusion, casinos are on the rise around the world since placing bets is one of the quickest ways to become wealthy in a short period. Betting is considered one of the highest spirited forms of entertainment out there.

However, it is essential to know about the rules and regulations of casinos in the region you live in. If you are a foreigner, the first thing you should check is whether gambling is legal in the area and keep yourself updated on the taxation structures there. You do not want to hit the jackpot and later realize a portion of it will be taken away from you because tax rules exist in the region where you won.

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