What Is A Loft?

What Is A Loft?

In simple terms, a room or space where under-stairs storage is converted into extra living space. But in reality, it is something much more exciting.

The possibilities are only limited by your imagination when you have an unused area that can be opened up to create a spirited focal point for your home. We take this bold concept even further to give our clients well-designed functional spaces that are aesthetically pleasing, practical, and economical.

Loft conversions:

At its essence, a loft conversion or an attic conversion is the renovation of previously unutilized space in part or all of the upper story of a house. Conversion means adding higher walls and sloping ceilings and installing insulation, new lighting and skylights, and sometimesrooftop windows.

The basic concept is simple: open up one or more of the existing attic rooms, combine bedrooms or fill in gaps within the floor plan with additional living space. The result is a practical and affordable way to increase the living area for your home without drastically changing its layout or outward appearance. Aloft conversion does not refer to constructing an entirely new loft as part of a significant addition project.

Industrial loft apartment:

An industrial loft apartment is an ample, open space that has been converted from an industrial building or factory. The loft is usually located in an urban area with high ceilings and large windows.

Industrial loft apartments are popular with young professionals who want a spacious, open-concept living space. The apartments often have exposed brick walls and ductwork, which gives them a trendy, industrial feel. Many industrial loft apartments such as these apartments for rent in Cincinnati also come with rooftop decks or patios, which offer great views of the city skyline.

Attic conversions:

Attic conversions are one of the most popular types of loft conversions. They involve renovating the attic of a house to create additional living space. Attic conversions can create extra bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, or lounge areas.

A house with an attic conversion will generally have a sloping ceiling in the new part and windows to provide natural light. Often there is also a skylight in the roof to let more light into the room.

A staircase may also need to be fitted to allow people to access the converted area of the house. As well as adding extra space, an attic conversion can add value to your property, but it can be expensive, so you must get professional advice before starting such a project.

Small loft apartment:

A small loft apartment refers to a studio or one-bedroom apartment that has been created from a previously unoccupied attic, basement, garage, or another unused area.

You can also apply this term to a home with an open floor plan, high ceilings, and large windows – all hallmarks of industrial lofts. Inexpensive and accessible design, small loft apartments are popular with young professionals looking for functional spaces in busy urban areas.

The advantages:

The main advantage of living in a small loft is that the entire space is designed around just your needs. These apartments often have open layouts that allow you to live comfortably without spending too much on decorating costs.

High ceilings allow you to easily integrate tall furniture pieces, while large windows let in many natural lights. You can enjoy the privacy of being at home without feeling closed-in or isolated, and cooking is easy because everything is close by.

Industrial loft apartment:

Designing a loft apartment, whether it is in a newly constructed building or one converted from an existing structure, requires some creativity.

One of the best lofts features is their open floor plan; this makes them great places to entertain friends and family. You can take advantage of this space by designing your loft with different eating, living, and sleeping areas.

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