77 series, movies and documentaries on Netflix, HBO, Filmin, Amazon, Movistar +, Disney + and Starzplay

Holy Thursday and many of you (and us) will already be enjoying some somewhat atypical holidays due to the circumstances that surround us. But there are few more stupendous plans to enjoy one of the premieres that the streaming platforms propose to us for these days.

So let’s go over the 77 series, films and documentaries that arrive from today until Sunday on Netflix, HBO, Filmin, Amazon Prime Video, Disney +, Movistar + and Starzplay.

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‘Asphalt Cowboy’

Idris Elba and Caleb McLaughlin are under the command of Ricky Staub for the feature film adaptation of ‘Ghetto Cowboy’. The fiction revolves around a troubled teenager who finds himself between a criminal life and the “cowboy” values ​​instilled in him by his father.

  • Premiere Friday on Netflix

‘Pray, obey, kill’

Documentary series that follows the gruesome events of a small town in Sweden where shots were heard one night in January. What seems at first a crime of passion is revealed as something darker as investigators scratch at the Pentecostal Church of which both victims and perpetrators are a part.

  • Premiere Sunday on HBO

‘The Comedy Store’

From Showtime we have a documentary that immerses us in one of the great quarries of comedians in Los Angeles. Throughout the series we will see familiar faces that tell us what the atmosphere was like in this comedy club and the importance in their career.

  • Premiere on Sunday at Movistar +

‘The snake’

From the hand of the BBC comes another of his always appetizing thrillers. Throughout six episodes. Tahar Rahim plays serial killer Charles Sobhraj who in the mid-1970s set about swindling and murdering unsuspecting tourists throughout Southeast Asia.

  • Premiere Friday on Netflix

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‘Merlí: Sapere Aude’ Season 2

I don’t know exactly when it was decided that ‘Merlí: Sapere Aude’ season 2 would mark the end of the series. I suspect that it was already written thinking about it because there is a melancholic air, of farewell, throughout these episodes. The life of Pol, classmates and professor face again to try to illuminate the great questions of life in a series perhaps more discursive than usual but that will satisfy the fans of the series.

  • Premiere on Friday at Movistar + | Recommended by Albertini

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