What Are The Bases:

What Are The Bases:

There are four bases in a relationship: emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual. Each base is important in its own way, and each provides a different level of connection and intimacy.

Emotional base:

The emotional base is the foundation of the relationship. It’s what you build everything else on top of. This base is all about feeling connected to your partner and sharing your emotions with them. It’s about being there for each other when things get tough and celebrating each other’s successes.

Mental base:

The mental base is all about intellectual connection. This base involves sharing ideas, thoughts, and experiences with your partner. It’s about understanding each other’ss and debating different points of view. The mental base is about communicating and thinking together.

Physical base:

The physical base is what brings the relationship into the material world. This is where you touch each other, hold hands, hug, kiss, make love; it’s all about having fun together in the physical world. The physical base involves building sexual chemistry with your partner and keeping that fire alive throughout the course of your relationship.

Now people will say to me oh where was spiritual? Well there’s a reason why I put it last because if you have not got two or three other ones sorted out then the spiritual one ain’t gonna happen cos you’re both so caught up in how much he loves me and she loves me which means you are basically enmeshed and co-dependent and if you’re really lucky you’ll get hijacked by a narcissist cos the only thing they want is your soul. So don’t expect any spiritual connection unless both of you are genuinely doing it for yourselves not for each other because that ain’t healthy.

What is the base in chemistry?

CHEMISTRY. Everyone wants to have chemistry with their partner, but what exactly is it? Chemistry is that inexplicable force that bonds people together in a relationship, be it short-term or long-term. When you feel chemistry with someone, there’s an energy between you two that’s almost palpable.

It can make for some very powerful moments and experiences because of the sheer strength of its pull. Now this has nothing to do with appearance, otherwise every fat ugly bloke would attract any woman he wanted…no matter how badly he treated her!

Chemistry is an intangible thing…it’s not tangible at all but when you get it then its just off the Richter scale – I’m talking POWERFUL!! And yes, it can exist between two people who are not good-looking at all but have other amazing qualities.

So there you have it, the four bases of a relationship. Each one is important in its own way and provides a different level of intimacy and connection. Understanding these bases can help you build a stronger, more fulfilling relationship with your partner.

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